WTFFriday: The Coffee Pot

30 07 2010

WTF is it with the coffee station at work?
There’s a bevy of issues here.

1) What is so hard about making coffee?
Is it that hard to fill the pitcher, open the pre-measured grounds, replace the filter, pour the grounds and pour the water into the maker?

2) How/Why do you leave significantly less than a cup of coffee in the pot?
Are you not going to want more coffee? I mean, it’s 8am.
Are you too good to make more coffee?
Who do you think makes more coffee if you don’t? The coffee elves? Because I’d like to hire them to clean out those gross-ass dishes which keep ending up in the sink.

3) How/Why do you leave 1/8″ of coffee in the pot and then put the pot on the burner (which is on)?
Maybe you didn’t notice the burner was on, that’s acceptable. However, when I can smell the burning coffee 30 feet away and you’re 15 feet away…

4) How/Why do you not go see just WHAT that burning smell is?
I mean, really… plus, I’ve seen you walk past the coffee station a number of times… did you stuff firecrackers up your nose as a child or something?

5) Who is stealing the sugar?
I took inventory and noted that we didn’t need sugar. The next week, there was a hub-bub that the last canister of sugar (with a brown label) was being used. Two days later a canister with the “old” orange-red label was in the trash can. (our sugar used to come in the orange-red canisters, we switched suppliers and the canisters are now brown, if that makes this less confusing.)

6) That little light near the “on/off” switch is a burner on/off indicator. If you’re moving a pot to another burner, why wouldn’t you turn that burner on? Unless, of course, there’s 1/8″ of coffee in the pot.

7) Make. Sure. The. Grounds. Make. It. Into. The. Trashcan.

8 ) Did you not notice that you spilled coffee all over the counter top? How about the floor? I’m a slip hazard when I’m NOT pregnant… plus, it’s not like it’s easy for me to get down there to clean up YOUR mess, BTW. Just saying. You know, in case you thought it was “woman’s work”. In which case, I’d like to introduce you to “Woman’s 2×4”.

Did I forget anything?



13 responses

30 07 2010
S. Le

Here, here! Well voiced! (love your Friday WTF theme. lol)

30 07 2010

haha! I have a great story about being the “new girl” in the office and making coffee my 2nd day on the job!! I will share it over the weekend chez moi blog.

hope you are feeling better ….


31 07 2010

But making coffee is sooo harrrrrd!! And it’s 2 whole steps to the traaash caaan!! Woman’s 2X4…heeheehee! I want one.

1 08 2010

This seems to be SOP at all businesses – I’ve seen all the exact same things at every place I work.

I don’t drink coffee, so I can’t be accused of (not) doing any of the above… but it amazes me how lazy people can be.

1 08 2010

At the last place I worked my boss brought in his espresso machine and a little refrigerator and made lattes for all of us every day. He also bought all the coffee supplies and brought in snacks. Quite a guy, he was. Big improvement over the usual Folger’s at my other offices that had to be heavily doctored with flavored sweetened creamers!

1 08 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

I would be happy if they would just install a Starbucks counter at my office.

1 08 2010

i may post this by the coffee salon at work… i think you got most of it!

2 08 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well, I must say, I am so relieved to hear that it’s not just my office (or any office I worked at prior) that has this problem.

2 08 2010

coffee drinkers are such pigs hahahahaha. I love the little empty packets of sweetener right next to the trash can.

2 08 2010

you know I was kidding about the coffee drinkers right, right?

4 08 2010

And *this* is why I don’t drink coffee.

OK, that’s a lie. I don’t drink coffee because it’s yucky.

But this could be why I don’t drink coffee. Damn my honesty.

4 08 2010

Switch to tea?

7 08 2010

Einstein once said “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity…”
I think he left out laziness.

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