20 07 2010

Four of us are watching Purple Rain, killing time/trying to decide where in Cleveland we should go.
Male Friend: WHAT is this movie?
Male Friend: I mean, what is it? Who is that guy?
me: Duh, it’s Prince!
Male Friend: What is going on in this movie? What is he? Why is he dressed like that?*
me, deadpan: He’s a vampire.
Male Friend: WHAT?
me: Yeah, why else would he be dressed that way and all I’m-over-here-and-now-I’m-over-here?
Male Friend:  No way.
me: You’re right. He’s not a vampire. He’s just Prince. That’s just what he does.

Steve and I are driving home from Ohio.
“Holy shit, that guy has a claw hand!”
“Holy shit! Those cows are having sex! Like full-on bull-mounting-the cow-sex!”
I can tell that Mini’s first words are going to be swears.

And another chapter in the “Ah-ha! I knew I wasn’t crazy!” chronicles.
I RSS fed a site called “I’m Remembering” which is dedicated to toys and fads from the 80’s and 90’s.
There’s been two things from my childhood that I KNOW I had, but can not remember what they were called.
One of them were those sneakers that had zippers around the soles so you could change the tops of your shoes.
And one of them was the Fisher Price “Talk to Me” reader. I am not the Stephanie mentioned in the post, but I am a Stephanie and I do remember this device.
AAAANNNDDD there’s one of them on ebay. You know I’m watching that.  This was my FAVORITE toy in kindergarten, despite the fact that I could have read the stories on my own.
(oh, and if you know what those zippered shoes were called, and not Roos, the whole top of the shoe came off, let me know?)

*It’s the opening scene-ish where Morris Day and the Mother-Fing Time are playing in the club and Prince is being all sneaky-like behind Apollonia.




11 responses

20 07 2010

Cow sex is funny.

21 07 2010

as are guys with claw hands driving cars.

21 07 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

I for one am looking forward to the remake of “Purple Rain” with singing motorcycle-riding purple-wearing vampires.

21 07 2010

Make that “singing motorcycle-riding purple-wearing MIDGET vampires.”

22 07 2010

Or, to be even more precise, “singing motorcycle-riding purple-wearing midget vampires with slightly effeminate hairstyles”.

22 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I smell a box office hit.

21 07 2010

I’ve never seen Purple Rain.

22 07 2010

Get yourself a can of grape soda, shake vigorously, open it and voila! (also, you’ll have more fun doing that than watching the movie)

22 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Second. You’re not missing much. Unless you like Prince, which I’m guessing if you did, you would have already seen it.

29 07 2010

Odds are it was two cows (as in, both female); when one comes in heat the others will mount it. The bull is kept in a separate paddock (and the bullocks all get a free ride to the burger factory).

29 07 2010

Wow….gotta love “Prince” and “Purple Rain”. Can’t believe your guy friend didn’t know who he is or that wonderful movie he made! lol! Makes me think your friend was in a “purple haze” funk during the 80’s.

I still refer to a good time as, “I’m gonna party like its 1999″…..hahahaha.

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