Awesomeness and Junkie-like Bruising

12 07 2010

We met out with some friends on Friday night for dinner.
These friends have not seen Pregnant Stephanie at all, so naturally, there were comments.
HOWEVER, everything said was WONDERFULLY nice!!! Which is what a pregnant lady really needs to hear. Unlike, say, a family member who after her mother said I was carrying a girl (Stock reply: “Okay.”) said such was remarked because “when you carry a girl, you lose your beauty.”  That is on The No List.
ANYWAY, so the compliments were pretty much, “Unless we knew you were pregnant or saw your bump, we wouldn’t know you were pregnant!”. This is good because lately, when The Bump arrives a step or two before I do, well, it’s good to know that I don’t look like the StayPuft Marshmallow Man.
Note to anyone who knows someone who is pregnant, please, pay them a compliment… the neurosis that comes with all these sudden changes is quickly quelled by a well-delivered, “You look adorbs in that outfit.”

Junkie-like Bruising:
After a chastising you-need-an-appointment-for-this-test, I was able to get my lab work done bright and early at 630 Saturday morning.
Due to the nature of the test, I had blood drawn twice from my left arm and once from my right arm,which was already bruising from Wednesday’s debacle.
Honestly, I don’t know how junkies keep injecting stuff into their veins… by the time they hit my left arm again, they were going through bruising and well, that doesn’t feel real keen.
And no, I’m not anemic, I just have the transparency of Casper. So now, in the hottest time of year, I’m sporting Super Sexy Duel Inner-Arm Bruising; in winter/fall, I could have covered them with a sweater/sleeves.
So my Saturday pretty much was blown. I cried on the way home from the lab (due to discomfort) and cried again at home (due to discomfort, a headache and stomachache). I tried to nap, took Bailey in for a nail trim, hoping that getting up and moving around would help me feel less like shit…
Things must have been pretty rough, as Sunday morning, Steve remarked that I looked like I felt so much better; and he knows not to insult a pregnant wife.




14 responses

12 07 2010
S. Le

People don’t realize how difficult being pregnant is, especially the first time! Sounds like Steve is a sweetie!

13 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

he’s gotten very good with the “Wow, that doesn’t sound like much fun” comment…

12 07 2010

“you lose your beauty” Jeeaaaaaaaayyyyysus! I hope you smacked the silly sausage! Hard!

13 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I was too flabbergasted to say or do anything.
It was one of those, “Seriously! Who throws a shoe?!” moments.

12 07 2010

Maybe junkies are just natural acupuncturists?

13 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well, I need to get myself on THAT train.

12 07 2010

(((((Hugs)))))) That shirt makes your eyes look so purty. I suggest you borrow your friend’s nine iron and use it when appropriate.

13 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

That, my friend, is an awesome idea.

12 07 2010

From where i sit? You don’t look the least bit pregnant – well, except that picture where your toes are barely visible, but unless someone is 8′ tall, they aren’t going to see you from that angle, right?

13 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well thank you!
The Plan was to be all Bump, little weight gain everywhere else.
Good thing most of my friends are under 6 feet.

13 07 2010

Wah…It will be a darling little boy, who will grow up to slap the crap out of all those insensitive beings who tormented his pregnant mama.

14 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

that or he’ll become an acupuncturist…

16 07 2010
nat @book, line, and sinker

you look LOVELY today!!! i can see your beauty beaming through my computer screen, that’s how radiant you are!

sorry about being stabbed to death–i can relate. i went to give blood for my sis last week and they kept collapsing my veins. when they found ONE that worked, they drew the blood so fast that when they were finished, i FAINTED. yep. lights out. (on the plus side, i got extra juice and cookies when i came around)

oh, and my sis texted me to find out what was taking so long–she wrote “did you FAINT in the chair, or what?” that girl knows me too well.

feel good, bella! xooxo

16 07 2010
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