F You, Stupid Labratory!

8 07 2010

Time for routine blood work!

730: [up until this point] Good lab opens

736: Arrive at lab. See that there are about 7-8 OLD OLD OLD people already waiting.
Explain to Fat-Ass Receptionist that I am in need of a 1-hour glucose test done and if we could go ahead and get that glucose in me…
Fat-Ass tells me that I don’t need an appointment. I explain that I know, but with the quantity of people already waiting, it may be near an hour until I’m seen anyway.
Fat-Ass asks me to take a seat.

840: Called into draw room.
“This lab can’t take your insurance for the glucose test, that has to be done at Pure Evil Lab.”
“This information would have been useful when I walked in… AN HOUR AGO.”
“I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal…”
“Well, um, er…”
And then Fat-Ass waddles down the hallway… the tech says to her in this chiding voice, “Now, Lucille, we’ve talked about this, if someone is here for the glucose test, you need to find out what their insurance is.”
“She told me she had an appointment.” Fat-Ass says between heaves; walking is hard!
“I did no such thing! You told me I didn’t need an appointment and to have a seat. WHICH I DID. Not ONCE did you mention anything about insurance. Not this morning, nor yesterday when I called to inquire about fasting.”
By now, the hallway is starting to fill with techs who, up until this point, had been non-existent and are now quite curious. The tech hands me a sheet of paper with an 800 number on it for Pure Evil Labs.

846: Stomp out of the office. Other waitees look to see who is making all the ruckus.

847: At the car, I call the 800 number. It’s the number to have specimens PICKED UP from your site.

848: Start to walk back to the lab for a new number.

849: Having a moment of clarity, I  call Steve to direct me to nearest Pure Evil Lab. Because I have to get an Rh shot, they need to check my CBC levels 24-48 hours ahead of time to make sure I’m well enough to get the shot, so it’s not like I can try again later.

853: Arrive at Pure Evil Lab. There are 10-12 people waiting.

955: Get into draw room, get glucose. CHUG.

1110: Get blood drawn. Fight with tech over whether to apply tape or not to my arm. Try to extract instructions on how to hold the cotton on my arm (bent or straight? how long?)

1120: Stop at Wendy’s for Brunch.
I was presuming I’d be in and out of the lab by 9, 930 to stop at Hortons and that’d-be-that.

1145: Make it into work… So my supposed to be 1-hour test, took 4.



15 responses

8 07 2010

O M G – Do you need an x-ray too? I can arrange that for you at the Evil X Ray Radiology People .. do you think my idiots are related to your idiots?

I’m glad it worked out, but it just pisses me off to go to places like this (lab, xray, doctors, anywhere really) and say “here is a lot of money from my insurance company, my contribution … now treat me like crap.”

How’s your sugar?

8 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I would not doubt that Prue Evil Lab is a subsidiary of Evil Stupid Radiology.

My main annoyance is that my/your time is not as important as theirs, so it’s cool if you’re waiting around for them to finish drinking coffee and reading the paper…

My sugars, well, let’s say we’ll have a post for Saturday afternoon 😦

8 07 2010

sadly this is such typical behavior! my daughter had gestational diabetes and also had to get rh shots…it was a very emotional time for her (and her kids were 14 months apart) you would think people “in the profession” would take that into consideration. You have my permission to choke them. Bless their Hearts

8 07 2010

i had borderline gestational diabetes – nothing you can’t handle! the lab situation, however, is something different! if your blood sugar needs to be monitored, you may have to get very aggressive to schedule the first slot with the labs… you can always pull out the “I HAVE TO F-ING EAT, B-TCHES! I’M PREGNANT!” card if you have to… good luck!

8 07 2010

i love mspaint art

8 07 2010

you should be one of the Ten Lords A Leaping…you look happy to be heading off to strangle Pure Evil Lab Techs..
If you can jump like that being 6 months pregnant..there isn’t anything wrong with you..You look great..

psst..I forgot all about those stinking test when one is pregnant..I sense my urgency to get preggers heading down hill.

9 07 2010

Did you know that stupid people cause heart attacks. It’s a proven fact. Be careful out there!

9 07 2010

In fact, all of the worst problems in the world2day are caused by stupid people 🙂

9 07 2010

Gosh 😮 That sucks 😦


9 07 2010

It’s fascinating that Fat-Ass’ parents intuitively knew how their child would grow up and named her accordingly. Because this story would be really confusing if she’d been named Helpful Saint.

12 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

lolz. No more confusing then people who name their kids “Archer” or “Gunner” I suppose…

11 07 2010

So were you glad that you had a valid excuse to get out of work for longer than you expected? 🙂

12 07 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I would have been, had it not involved my yelling at people and getting stabbed in the arm.

12 07 2010
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