Partial End Result…

17 06 2010

Last week I had talked about peeling wallpaper,scrubbing walls and painting and, well, here’s the fruits of my labor.
Well, okay, Steve helped…

From the hallway, "before"

From the hallway, with NEW CARPET and paint

Windowed wall, "Before"

Windowed wall, wacky green #1

Windowed wall, wacky green #2

Funny thing is, the entire room is painted the same color, for some reason, it just shows up different.

Before moving the furniture back into the front room, I washed the walls and well, clearly the carpet isn’t the only thing I should have been embarrassed about.
“Is my nesting kicking in or is our house trashed?”
“Oh, it’s trashed.”
“Whew! Glad it’s not just me!”
He was installing the trim upstairs while I was cleaning the items to put back into the front room. Ew. So, our house is still 75% trashed, but there’s no place available to vacuum, so we’re in a catch-22.



14 responses

17 06 2010

looking good! nest away! and when you’re done? feel free to spread the nesting joy… i could use a fresh coat of paint in my bedroom!

17 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well, if you don’t mind the job take two-to-three times as long…

17 06 2010

Oh dear. If I was one of those queer fellas from the TV, I would tell you that floor lamps are so yesterday. Maybe some furniture would really help out that room.

17 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

furniture, smurmature.
Everyone sleeps on the floor, next to the lamp.

17 06 2010

do we have baby mak furniture yet? I like the green…one of my favorite colors.

18 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

We have a changing table… and um… I think the correct answer is “no”.
I was going to get the crib soon, but I think I’ll wait to see how the gift card shower gods smile upon me.

17 06 2010

I really like the paint colours you used! Everything looks so new and bright 😀

You guys did a really great job.

18 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

*blush* Why thank ya! Amazing what a coat of paint’ll do.

17 06 2010

Very nice…I kind of miss doing “my houses.” I don’t miss the “border era.” of interior decorating.

18 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Good lord, I don’t know what the previous owners obsession with border was, but if I had a time machine… small “remodeling” jobs are fun, don’t know that I could do it for a paycheck though.

17 06 2010

The room looks great! I think that’s the same green I have in my laundry room – my, what good taste you have 🙂 It shows up different for me too, depending on the time of day – I like that it’s not the same all the time…

18 06 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I’ve never really had this phenomena happen with paint before- cheaper than redecorating every other day.
It’s “Mint Condition” by Sherwin-Williams. After we chose paint, I realized that our bedroom wall is green, as is the bathroom… and the kitchen wall… guess we like green.

18 06 2010
S. Le

Love the green paint. My den is VERY green with dark wood. It looks fab.

20 06 2010

One of our upstairs bedrooms has colour-changing greens in it too (one colour for the upright walls, a lighter shade on the sloping parts).

That’s a nice shade of green, very soothing.

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