Sales Which Aren’t

21 05 2010

(to be honest, I’ve never gotten the hang of “which” and “that”… so excuse my “fox paws”* if I made one)

Due to the rapid expansions happening at Casa Mak… Oh, I didn’t tell you, we’re getting new carpet installed in The Vomitorium (formally, The Front Room) and TBD’s room (which currently has The Worlds Cheapest Berber). .. eventually paint for TBD’s walls… and the realization that I will not be able to wear 2″+ heels through the next 4.5 months…
With all of this and that going on, I’m scouring the circulars and am growing flustered with “sales”.

1) Sale, except for this, this, this and this
An store that has occasionally acceptable shoes and little else (barring their “Goodwill Sale” which even Columbia and counter-make-up is discounted) often runs “sales” but with the attached stipulations: Discount excludes Yellow Dot Clearance, Incredible Value merchandise, Bonus Buys, WebBusters, fine watches, all cosmetics and fragrances, bridge sportswear, Brahmin, Coach handbags, Columbia apparel/outerwear/accessories, Dockers apparel/ accessories, Dooney & Bourke handbags/accessories, Levi’s, Reebok EasyTone, Skechers Shape-ups, electronics/Tech Trek department, all clearance furniture. Also excludes selected regular price women’s, men’s and children’s better apparel, better & designer accessories & shoes, Godiva and better Home Store merchandise & collectibles. Not valid on Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise, special orders and gift cards. Cannot be applied to previously purchased merchandise or mail/phone orders.

Right, so, basically, you can buy a pair of socks. As long as they’re already on sale. Which the socks that Mr. Steve adores hardly are.

2) Sale price which is still too much
“Oh, what a cute ruffled tank top!”
And then I look at the price.
I’m sorry, but if a TANK TOP costs $70, it’d better take me out to dinner, clean itself and make me look stupid adorables. I don’t care if it WAS $155.

3) The “Good% off the stuff you don’t need, Meh% off the stuff you could use and BLARGH% off things you could actually use” Sale
75% off dining room plates, 5000-thread-count sheets, american-apple decor candle holders, tall men’s dress shirts and trash bowls.
25% off regular sheets, socks, men’s golf shorts, lemonade pitchers, cooling pillows and scented candles
-500% off maternity clothes, cute & functional flat shoes, iced tea/coffee makers and foundation

4) The “ONE DAY!” sale
EVERYONE around here touts their “ONE DAY ONLY!” sale, which actually lasts two days and runs every couple of weeks. With prices that aren’t that much different than regular sale prices…

So, reader(s), do you give up and not comparison shop at all, or do you inspect all the ads and only buy when the buyin’s good?

*I know it’s faux pas…



10 responses

21 05 2010
S. Le

I absolutely hate all of those “sales.” Just give me decent discounts, up front and leave me alone, thank you.

“Vomitorium?” Nice, catchy name!

24 05 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Why is that tank top $20 today, $11 next week and $7 during “lowest prices of the season? (ahem, Kohls….)

21 05 2010

You’ve mentioned four of the many, many reasons I hate shopping. I really do try to avoid shopping at all costs. Except Home Depot. LOVE shopping at Home Depot 🙂

When I really *have* to shop? I do go through all the ads looking for the best deal I can find with the least amount of hassle.

24 05 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Home Depot (Lowe’s for me) is great because I don’t feel they’re all gimmicky. Weed&Feed is $20 a bag today, tomorrow and next week.

Even grocery shopping annoys me… this week, Wegmans has eared corn 4/$1… Tops, 6/$2. You can’t even get groceries without having to scour.

21 05 2010

i shop the internet for many of the reasons you listed. i probably pay more, and half the stuff i buy doesn’t fit, or look good, but i can do it from my home, in my underoos. shopping at a store in my underoos is generally met with shock, and has been frowned upon…

24 05 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Ah, see, you’ve hit the internet nail on the head.
Granted the prices are lower, but unless it’s something I KNOW is going to fit (or looks good, housewares-wise) I hate shopping on-line for clothes.
Christmas shopping was pretty much all on-line, which was great for multi-tasking.
When I rule the world, you can shop in your skivies, as long as said skivies are proper fitting and appropriate for your body type. No fat chicks in thongs.

23 05 2010
Dixie the Poodle

I am konfyoosd abowt the wun day ownly sayl eksplanayshun, it just dusent mayk sens even to a dog. Isn’t wun day ownly just wun day ownly???

24 05 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

See Dixie, I knew you were a smart puppy!

24 05 2010

and yet, every time, I go…”ooooh, sale!” and buy,

30 05 2010

Generally I don’t fuss. It fits, it looks okay, I can afford it, I buy it — no running down the mall corridor to comparison shop at three other places.
Best of all, though: Staying Home.

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