8 05 2010

No sooner do I get the reaction on my arm mostly cleared up…

(silly bathroom photo sessions)

Then THIS happens

My knuckle’s not supposed to be that large…

Her’e’s my left hand:

And here’s my left hand with some googly eyes on it:

Anyway, I got bit by a spider (the same type that bit Steve 2 weeks ago) and now I’m all swollen and achy because I’m swollen.
Did I mention that I”m right-handed? and can’t really bend my middle finger (great for driving, bad for everything else).

How’s your Saturday going?

(and yes, I called the doctor and No, I don’t have to worry unless I stop breathing… which would worry me regardless of the status of my knuckle.)



6 responses

8 05 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

Why can’t all spiders be more like Charlotte?

9 05 2010

How bizarre, I was also bitten by a spider recently. I hope it’s not the same spider, because if it is, it has serious anger management issues.

9 05 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

but it’d have some kind of sonic travel device!

9 05 2010

We had a spider invasion recently but they were non-poisonous & they didn’t stick googly eyes on our hands thank goodness. Imagine how silly I’d look going to work Monday with googly eyes on my hands

12 05 2010

At least if you stopped breathing, you wouldn’t worry for very long. (“Everybody now! Al-ways look on the bri-ght side of life!”)

15 05 2010
S. Le

Ewww! Creepy! I must say I do enjoy the googly eyes though.

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