Wordless Wednesday: 04/21/10

21 04 2010







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22 04 2010

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

22 04 2010

very pretty..love spring.even if it causes me headaches and none stop sneezing.

22 04 2010
Cynical Scribble

The answer is…flowers!

What do I win? 😀

22 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

daffy: thank you! thank you! thank you!

hisqueen: oh, the pollen this year! inconceivable! I was hunched over and sneezing with the hyacinth photos.

CS: Oh, I’m sorry, you misidentified one of our specimens. You win this pollen covered wand for your nose.

22 04 2010

Great shots Bouncy!!! I love the last one the best…the bokeh is beautiful…the light…it is just fab!

P.S. I thought today was Wednesday and I really do NOT want to add an extra day to this week.

22 04 2010

OH! My turn! Pink hyacinth, grape hyacinth, and…umm…a cuttlefish?

23 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Connie: Um, whatsa bokeh? Wait.. oh.. I googled it! OOHHH NEW WORD FRIDAY!!!! Thank you! I’m flattered! No extra days here!

lavenderday: Two out of three… Our cuttlefish tree hasn’t come in yet 🙂
Plus, it’s not really fair as the subject had/has not completely opened to it’s correct form yet.

23 04 2010

I particularly like the Cthulhu flower.

23 04 2010
Maggie Mae

Very nice!

24 04 2010
S. Le


28 04 2010

The flowers are looking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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