Another Reason…

19 04 2010

Dear Ladies (and maybe gentlemen, I don’t know),

I would like to present you with another reason whhhhhyyyyy you should wash your hands after using the restroom.
Yes, the hygiene of tinkling is one thing and I’m presuming that you’re TOTALLY washing after “making a deposit”, however, it has come to my attention lately that some ladies choose to flush with their feet.
Okay, at least I can try to fathom where the handle has been (and what it may be covered in) if it’s being plunged by hand.
However, do you know where your feet have been?
Egads… on further review, the spigot and soap dispenser are probably teeeeemmmiiingg with germs.
So, while you may not agree with my not-pre-dispensing the paper towels, at least I’m not giving just a rinse and I make sure my bidness is flushed, so stop with the icy stare. Thankyouverymuch.


Unrelated, but Also…
It needs to warm up because I FINALLY found dark brown sandals that I can wear and that I love.




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19 04 2010

Excellent shoes. I am not even getting started on the bathroom tales today…I am not up to it LOL! Whew What a Monday!!!

19 04 2010

ah hahahahaha…the pregnant woman thinks she’ll be able to balance on those cute shoes when it gets warm.. Wear them won’t be able to in a few more months.
potty tales is long enough for me to post my own blog page about. Let’s just say that turnpike potties aren’t exactly the most sanitary and you see all sorts of peoples in there..’nough said.

19 04 2010

Ewwwww! (to the flushing with the feet – not the sandals!) Who comes up with this stuff? I could see someone slipping while trying this and knocking themselves out. Explain *that* to the paramedics…

19 04 2010

I can wipe myself with my feet too…

19 04 2010

i’ve now completely forgotten whatever lame comment i was going to make. we want video…

24 04 2010

I guess if both hands are free, that is possible…but I am a bit embarrassed by other things you might be able to see in the same shot.

21 04 2010

What annoys me is that I always wash my hands but in public toilets I still have to grab the door handle that all those nonhandwashers touch too. blech!!!

21 04 2010

Wow, does that count as “quadridextrous”?

21 04 2010

The other day I was at BJs – bathroom trip needed. While I’m going, I hear 2 women enter, obviously they know each other – commenting about work, etc. Turns out they must work THERE – NEITHER WASHED HER HANDS AFTERWARDS>!!!!!!!!!! GASPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! BOY I HOPE THEY DON”T DO FOOD DISTRIBUTION>!

21 04 2010

Tooooo grosss. Seriously gross.

21 04 2010

PS: Cute sandals. Be careful about heels though. Not sure those varicose vein old wives tales are true or not but STILL.


21 04 2010

*touch touch*

(I did just wash my hands)

22 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

dishy, if you’re going to poke me, at least go over to my bump blog,

24 04 2010

Eeew! I don’t even think I could flush with my feet if I wanted to. And I most definitely wouldn’t want to!

Love the sandals.

24 04 2010
S. Le

Haven’t you heard? Men don’t wash their hands in public restrooms.

Are you talking about a regular flush toilet or the ones with the low lever-style flush handle?

The shoes are tres cute but are making my feet hurt just gazing in their general direction.

28 04 2010

First, ladies and washing there hands is a must….guys are just as bad…we don’t use our feet to flush….we just don’t care (and by we I do not include myself in that group) secondly…love the shoes!!!!!

6 05 2010

i’m a pre-dispenser of towels, also.

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