11 04 2010

Here is the fridge we used to have…. circa 1995-ish


It wasn’t a bad fridge, totally did it’s job…

Please to notice the space between the top and the sides of said fridge.


Being 15 years old, well, it wasn’t as energy efficient as it once was and well, frankly, it sounded like there was a chicken inside, despite my vacuuming.


Won't someone think of the starving children?!?

So, we made the executive decision that it was time to upgrade.



Oh sweet 25 cubic feet of space, how I adore thee…


Stainless "look" so it won't take fingerprints or dog noses

Notice, if you will, the lack of space between the wall, counter, cabinets and fridge.
”I was more concerned about the height and didn’t really think about the width…”, explained Steve. I’m pretty sure I asked him about width, but at that time, I couldn’t go three hours without a nap, so I’m pretty sure I just trusted him.


Would sir prefer his ice cubed or crushed?

Needles to say, when he got home yesterday, there was a fair amount of sawing, sanding, etc.
“You know, for a new fridge, there’s an awful lot of sawing and hammering going on in here…”

And, to freak out Curly, here’s where 90% of the stuff that WAS on the fridge ended up. The fryer (EWWWWW) is in the cabinets above the fridge, which meant I had to dispose of 10 bottles of where’d-we-get-this-from?  liquor

Clumsy girls gotta have access to her pot holders. And menu. And calendar.



20 responses

11 04 2010
Cynical Scribble

Now that is a fantastic fridge! The entire contents of mine would probably fit onto one shelf.

I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of the fridge or the Homer oven glove :p

11 04 2010

i generally ignore most of what’s inside my fridge, but sometimes i get a glass of ice water from the door just because i can… that is my most favorite kitchen thingie ever! glad he got it nestled snugly into it’s fridge alcove! all’s well with the world!

11 04 2010

What An Awesome Fridge….very pretty..love the ice maker. Really want to upgrade ours. all in good time.

11 04 2010
mr bill

Did it come with the food? Where are the chicken wings? Hard to belive this is yours, less then 1/2 full of beer?

11 04 2010

it’s all YOUR fault. seriously. you’ve pulled me out of blogging retirement with this post. your link back to CWG caused me to go back and reread a bunch of old posts and comments…and then i got all mawkish and posted something new.

as for the new fridge—very snazzy–but i’m still not so jazzed about all the shite hanging on the side!! lol. the ice dispenser is SUPER HL (high-line, per my students)…and i’m jealous. we have a water dispenser on the INSIDE because i didn’t like the aesthetic when the door has the dispenser outside. i know, i’m a loooooser.

miss you mucho and hope you’re feeling great.

12 04 2010

The space above and beside the fridge isn’t the fault of the fridge. It’s the fault of the cabinetry. I prefer having the cabinet above the fridge being as deep as the fridge. But there’s that wall beside the fridge that throws off the whole thing. I would try to knock down that wall and quite possibly, recess the fridge into the wall behind it so it is not quite so cumbersome. But that’s all more effort than just buying a new fridge.

And stainless steel is very hard to clean. Trust me.

12 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

cynical scribble: I should have noted that I went grocery procuring prior to final installation. The Homer mitt is pretty cool, not very heat resistant, but fashionable.

daisyfae: Home sweet fridge.

hisqueen: seeing as this is the first major appliance we had to purchase together, it was time.

mr. bill: EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW, I can’t handle chicken, so we don’t have any. And the beer is at the bar, silly.

CWG: MUAHAHAHA. My powers of posting claim another! He wanted to put the Sabres schedule on the front of the fridge and I told him no. We just don’t have space for putting those things other places… I felt like it was hidden, but now, I feel like a failure. I’ll be in the corner, crying.

wigsf: Which is totally why we went stainless “look”. I’ve already cleaned it 3 times without a fuss, unlike the microwave which is stainless and seems to absorb gunk. There’s only about 1″ to the back wall (behind that is our front “living” room) so that wouldn’t make too much sense/difference.

12 04 2010

I see “we” are nesting already 🙂
very nice fridge 🙂 I thought I was at my house for a moment…flashbacks to the same fridge problems!!!

12 04 2010
S. Le

Brilliant fridge! Also like the Homer hand mit.

12 04 2010

I’m jealous of your huge fridge!

12 04 2010

Plenty of space to store the bodies.

12 04 2010
Corve DaCosta

You’re not in a recession. lol

Nice asset for the kitchen

12 04 2010

I am stunned, I am in disbelief, I am amazed, I am having a de ja vu moment, we upgraded to one very similar to this last weekend except ours is white but inside looks almost identical. I sense a parallel world thing going on. I’ll post photos tommorrow

13 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

connie: Oh, I’m a cookin’ fiend lately… plus, I can’t have a kitchen covered in dust!

S.Le: It’s a bit much for my taste (we clearly don’t need all that space) but you know how boys are…

kyknoord: You’d think, but we’ve already had to use the neighbor’s freezer. For venison. Yes.

Corve DaCosta: Actually, it’s a belated Christmas present-ish. His parents threw us some money towards it and we’ve got $200 coming in rebates, so it looks a lot fancier than it is.

Tony: Cue Twilight Zone music. For what it’s worth, you’ll wonder why you thought you needed so much space. Well, except to hide bodies or to find more hidden “When’s the last time we went there?” take-out boxes.

13 04 2010

WHat the *blleep* is up w/ wordpress this morn?!! I keep trying to leave comments (for the first time in months) and everything keeps crashing – ARGH!!

First up – LOOOOOOOVES your fridge!! Beautiful!! We too went w/ silver mist (stainless look) b/c we used to have stainless & it’s a b*tch to keep clean. The kids would mark it all up and you couldn’t hang anything on it (non magnetic) The new guy is WAY BETTER!

Second – I Miisssssssssssssssssssed YOU!

Third – Congrats again babe – so happy for you !

Fourth – I spent the first 6 mos of pregnancy sleeping. Enjoy it while it lasts!! xoxoxoxoxoxx

15 04 2010

“Being 15 years old, well, it wasn’t as energy efficient as it once was and well, frankly, it sounded like there was a chicken inside, despite my vacuuming.”
What were you trying to do? Suck the chicken out or cover the noise… Perhaps if you had turned up the radio instead you could have lived with the old fridge….

P.S. Can I have my Ice runny….Oh wait, that’s just water….crushed will be fine

15 04 2010


16 04 2010

Wow! Now I’m having Refrigerator Envy.

19 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

dishy: My new (now old) layout was futzing with the “log out” and “submit” buttons… changed and the problem should be okay.
First :Our Microwave is SS and I’m pretty sure that it just attracts everything in the house; thus the “we’re not doing THAT again!”
Second: *MWAH*!
Third: Aw, thanks! You’re making me blush!
Fourth: The weight/allergies are making me so uncomfortable, I miss sleeping.

Dolce: There there, it’s only an icebox!

Lupusranting: It’s just more space for food to get lost in… if that helps…

28 04 2010

I’m sssoo uber jealous of your fridge!!!!!!!!!! My new apt has the tinest fridge in the world (probably not but that statement added a bit of the dramatic to this!) I can barely fit anything in it and my freezer is stuffed so much that things fall out all the time and I’m all like…I guess I have to eat this!

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