Truth in Advertising

9 04 2010

Holding onto the glimmer of hope that someone’s summer collection will be baggy enough for me to wear (as I’m almost past the point of just buying bigger clothes as they bigger in the tummy AND every place else), I still scour the ads.

When work out clothes are advertised, the model is doing something athletic; “running”, “yoga”, holding a weight…

However, when lingerie is shown, no one is getting laid or seducing someone (in the ad), they’re typically laughing…
Jammies are hardly ever worn in bed, and not by someone covered in drool with half of their hair matted to their face….
Babies are never covered in spit or vomit or screaming…
Sandals aren’t shown on the beach where the sand gets in the toe area and creates blisters…
Liquor never shows the morning after where you consider chewing your arm off as that 10 has become an 01.

Okay reader(s), tell me, if you had to truthfully advertise something, how would you do it.

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7 responses

9 04 2010
S. Le

Truth in advertising, although cool, would sell very little product.

I’m certain I’d lie my arse off and exaggerate like mad!

9 04 2010
Corve DaCosta

I would sell it with fantasy.

9 04 2010

Not to sure..the things that are advertised never look the same on the size 16 person as they do on the size 00 model.
perhaps some truth would finally sell things. The laugh alone should prompt people to get it just for the fun of it.
those new Sketchers are certainly not truth in advertising…it’s like walking on foam all day. very unstable and definitely an ankle breaker.

9 04 2010

a man driving a minivan – with the subtitle “his best years are behind him, just like the screaming things in the back seat”.

10 04 2010

and we found a winner!!!

10 04 2010

This was hard. I was trying to come up with something really creative, but the only thing that stuck in my head was the fact that they never show stupid drivers when advertising new cars.

Although maybe when they show the new cars driving on a ‘closed road’, they are in fact encouraging people to drive stupid. I dunno 😦

11 04 2010

An image of a Big Mac with a rough as guts voice over saying “Don’t eat this crap, it’ll kill ya”

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