Wordless Wednesday: 03/31/10

31 03 2010




8 responses

1 04 2010

lovely flowers. We are in autumn here so everything is going the other way

1 04 2010

Wow! I can’t believe you have daffodils already! My crocuses are just coming up…

*What* is your new header a picture of???? I see a monster’s eye looking up at the sky 😀

1 04 2010

beautiful spring pics Bouncy..love your new look also.
Happy Spring
pssst…I don’t know if you ever stop here but she has a great cat video you may find funny.

1 04 2010

lovely photos

2 04 2010

Aww, I love the bird in the tree.

3 04 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

I’m afraid to say the “S” word lest I jinx you …

4 04 2010
S. Le

Lovely! Our spring flowers are in full bloom as well! The wild flowers are springing up as we speak.

Allergies beware!

5 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Tony: Why thanks! We came home last night to find that cone thing have burst into a purple hyacinth!

Jill: They’re almost done already! That just makes room for tulips. The photo is of a hot air balloon from Dansville. I reset my layout and didn’t have access to Aud demo photos.

hisqueen: Happy Spring to you too!

Corve: Thanks much!

bevchen: I knew I’d get that pesky robin… that’s what he gets for warbling outside of my bedroom window at 630am.

Dennis/Jim: Shhhhhh. We typically get another bout of cold, so let’s just get it our of the way early.

S.le: *achoo* pass the tissues, would you?

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