Fun in N’awlins, Circa 2003

30 03 2010

Back in 20-aught-3, I was working on Titanic*.
For some reason, which I to this day do not understand, I was The Corporate Trainer. This job sounds much more luxurious then it was.
Anyway, in the early fall, Titanic needed me for two weeks to train a group of nutria in the fine art of customer service. I refused.
1) I knew by my training, I’d be eliminating 15-20 jobs locally**
2) Steve had just purchased the house. We were closing the day before they wanted me to come down.
3) I’d miss Steve’s birthday.
4) I was not fond of New Orleans
5) My ex-boyfriend worked for said company.
They dangled a carrot in front of me (we’ll fly him down your last weekend and treat you to a night on the town***) and I accepted.
The other times I had traveled, they put me up in a nice place. This time, it was a dump and I had to bring my towels to the front desk if I wanted new ones. Yes. I’m serious. And it was right next to I-10. and a drive-through-alcohol-slushy-place.

The last weekend came along, as did Steve.
He got in way past bedtime on Thursday and I had to work Friday.
For dinner, we went to Fox and Hound, mainly because they had Abita AndyGator, an 11% on-tap brew.
While we’re sitting at the bar, we strike up a conversation with the two gentlemen next to us.
Ends up, they worked for Pepsi.
“Hey, Barkeep, whatever these two are drinkin’ for the next hour is on us!”, says Suit. Steve switches to Guinness.
An hour passes.
“Barkeep! These two are drinkin’ is on us!”, says Suit.
Another hour passes. The Suits get Steve to try a couple fingers of Markers Mark. By now, we decided we need food. The Suits decided they need tail.
“Barrrrrrkkeeeep! Wazzever deess twoses wants zz on us!”
And so on.

Saturday morning found us in rough shape.

I still have the Pepsi guy’s business card in my wallet; memoir of a lucky time.

* A company which started out cool, but then got purchased by, and I’m not making this up, some 20-somethings who made a fortune selling TRADING CARDS and subsequently wanted to close the local operation down. After putting the local operation out of business (about 50 jobs over the course of the take over) the company got flooded in 2004. Karma Bitches.
** And I was right. “Fire all those people in Buffalo!”, was the battle cry from the VP after training was complete.
*** which roughly translated into, “We’re not showing you anything. Submit your receipts.”

(inspired by “please don’t eat with your mouth open“)




5 responses

30 03 2010

rodents? people were replaced by aquatic rodents? hoping said rodents bunked in with the 20-somethings after the flood…

31 03 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

It’s not just a job. It’s an adventure.

31 03 2010

I’m not sure if I’d buy a playing card from a nutria. I might eat one though, if I were hungry enough, or if it was deep fried.

Sounds like quite a party.
But what was this drive-through alcohol slushie place again? I’ve never heard of one of those, but I’d like to give it a try.

1 04 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

daisyfae: I’m hoping the nutria ate the 20-somethings.

Dennis: and that’s one of the stories I COULD tell.

writerdood: They used to have drive-through booze places! Don’t know if they still do, but it was a wall of boozed-up slushies that you could DRIVE UP, purchase and DRIVE AWAY with. As long as you didn’t take the wrapper off the straw.

4 08 2010

Glad to see I’m not the only one getting into drunken mishaps with random drinkers in bars.

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