29 03 2010

Last week we attended a party at Steve’s Uncle’s house.
The following day, said uncle calls my MIL and asks her if I’m pregnant… because I wasn’t drinking.
1) Can a girl not drink at family events?
2) Am I known as that much of a drunk?
3) What if we just found out? Don’t most people wait to tell people until after they’re certain things are “stuck”? What if we were pregnant and didn’t tell anyone yet because it was too early?
4) What if I just had a loss?
5) Perhaps I was hungover
6) Antibiotics
Lots of women weren’t drinking at the party.
Why do I get singled out?

Enna had the same problem recently.

I’d like to publicly  mention that it is none of anyone’s damn business if someone is pregnant or not; until they tell you otherwise.

Thank you.



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29 03 2010

I’m going with number 2.

29 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

that wouldn’t be too inaccurate

29 03 2010

I would never ask but and maybe because I had a loss but I am a like a crazy person checking out women at parties. It’s not pretty and I am not proud of it but some people just can’t be normal I guess. But I would never ask. 😉

29 03 2010

Ahhhh I am glad I am not alone.

29 03 2010

ahhh..I hear you..I had my tubes reversed in Oct so we can try to have a baby and we only told my parents that we did it. We flatly refuse to allow anyone else know our personal business. There could be nothing worse than being asked constantly if we “are pregnant yet?” every month. It’s none of their damn business. I stand behind you 150% to just tell people to piss off because it’s none of their business.
I have had friends tell everyone they are pregnant right away then suffer a horrible loss…the constant questions after the loss are the worst thing anyone could do to a woman in that situation.
in the mean time…happy baby making if you’re trying or happy pre-trying for baby making….any way you look at it, just enjoy your married life and that little (ummm..not so little) baby girl you call “Bailey” (big wet nose rubs for her from my MadMax)

29 03 2010

these folks are verging on stalkers. can you get a temporary protection order?

29 03 2010

aww…bump watch 2010…do we need to exact some good ole Southern justice LOL!!! hang in there Bouncy girl…have you perfected the withering stare yet?

p.s. you can always go with “Bless your heart for asking” which really means F Off 🙂 in a very nice way.

29 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

mccgood: Oh, it’s nothing to look and speculate! heck, I found myself wondering the same about the only other childbearing cousin at the party; it’s natural. I think as women, we all kind of wonder “is she, isn’t she?”. But coming right out and asking…. OMG, do they think I’ve gotten fat?!?!? *eye roll*

Enna: it was icing on the cake of your post. it’s only proper that you got props.

hisqueen: heck, we haven’t even told anyone if we’re trying- it’s just expected. And people reiterating that you’re not pregnant makes you realize that HOLY SHIT you’re not pregnant. A little salt and lemon juice for that wound? How ’bout some tequila?

daisyfae: Oh, now THERE’S an idea! “Sorry, can’t go to your kid’s soccer/baseball/hockey/softball/karate thing because I have a restraining order against you.”

Connie: does it involve a size 7 with a two-and-a-half-inch heel? I sure hope so! And the withering stare does NOTHING to theses people; many incarnations in the past 6+ years. And I am totally going to try and remember the “Bless your heart!” thing… that’s pretty awesome.

29 03 2010

Maybe the woman who called your mother-in-law has suddenly realized she hasn’t learned to knit yet, and wanted to know if there’s still time?

I prevented all gossip by getting preggers long before any family members thought it might be a good idea.

29 03 2010

I’m picking number 2 as well

30 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

*hick* wazzat ‘upposed da mean?

30 03 2010

Asking your MIL just makes this so much worse. If you must ask – which is rude enough to start with – at least have the decency to ask the person concerned!

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