Right, Yet Wrong. Wrong, Yet Right.

22 03 2010

Saturday we were at the mall (blech) getting birthday presents for his grandma.
Lunchtime found us in the Food Court. yippee. Fried food and sandwiches.
Steve went to order food and my eyeballs were floating, so I detoured to the restroom.
As I was trying to leave, there was a mother having an argument with her 6/7 year-old-boy. Once again, remember I am torrible at determining children’s ages, however, this kid looked too old to be with Momma Bear in the ladies room. ANYWAY, so the mom’s all, “There’s too many people* for you to be in here alone.” and the kids hanging on the door handle, begging to use the family restroom. Meanwhile, I am standing in the little alcove/entrance/exit way, [what I thought should be] clearly in view of at least the mom.
Finally, I walk as close to the door/wailing child as I can and loudly proclaim, “EXCUSE ME.” to which the mother is gives me the Can’t-You-See-I’m-Trying-To-Reason-With-My-Kid-Glance and reluctantly pulls him off the handle. “Sorry.”, she spats.
“Thank you.”, I reply, to which I get the Screw-You-Lady-I-Didn’t-Have-To-Move-My-Kid-Look. Regular readers know that I have a personal vendetta against saying, “That’s okay!” when it’s not okay**.

Back out on the floor, I spot Steve waiting for his food.
We discuss how I’m not hungry for anything here, (him) but I should eat, (me) I am not in the mood for anything fried/mystery/full of carbs, (him) I can have some of his hot dog, (me) No thank you…
I find a place that has veggie burgers. After my order is passed to me, I turn to head towards the table and there’s a lady standing thisclose behind me.
You know, in case someone took her sub.
“Oh, gee!”, She says, clearly not realizing I can feel her breathing on me, “I’m sorry!”
I say nothing and walk away.

At the table, “Everyday is an exercise in not killing people.”, I say to Steve.
“You have to stop taking things so personally!”
“I’m not trying to be the Manner Police, I’m just saying you [the general population, not Steve… most of the time] don’t need to be such dicks about things. However, I say something to someone who is in the wrong, and I’m the horrible one? What the hell?”

At my wits end of a day of insurmountable inconsideration, we’re “watching” a slideshow of old photos*** for Grandma’s birthday, the cousin who put together the slideshow wedges in and stands directly in front of me. I start a conversation with one of the cousins I enjoy; can’t see anyway, nor can she. Wedging Cousin turns around and asks if I can see.
“Your acknowledging standing in front of me makes you invisible.”
Sheepishly, she moves, only to be replaced by some weird aunt who stands WAY TOO CLOSE to me and just came in from smoking.

Reader(s), what’s your stance on correcting public/unnecessary rudeness?

* Three ladies at the sinks/dryers, some stalls occupied and me
** See also: getting hit in the ankle with shopping carts
*** Every other comment was “Who’s THHHHAAATT?”



12 responses

22 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, and the weekend wasn’t a complete wash… Charlotte and I went out and I got a HUGE box of Fig Newtons and a new pair of pants.

22 03 2010

Some public rudeness seems to stem from people worried about not getting what’s coming to them. To prevent this from occurring in the future, I suggest we should all make sure they get what’s coming to them. Although make should be careful, or there may be legal complications.

22 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

do you suppose people are less rude in prison?

22 03 2010

I think in prison, you can only be rude to other people who are your bitches. If you’re rude to people who aren’t your bitches, then you have to expect that they’ll stab you in the back with a sharpened spoon handle or something, so, essentially, if you’re rude to people, you have to kill them. Since killing people takes a lot of energy, I imagine that they’re not as rude, but it’s hard to say. I’ve never been to prison.

22 03 2010

Just this morning somebody pushed in front of me in the queue at the bakers. What is it with people these days?!

22 03 2010

Yesterday, me and Care were trying to get out of the Daughtry concert. We are BLASTING all the songs that he didn’t play but we wanted him too, moonroof open, and making the best of it.

I’m also concentrating, because the ridiculous amount of people are trying to cut me off and not wait their turn in line. I feel like people should ask, wave, or wait their turn. So, some chick isn’t waiting. I ride up the ass of the car in front of me, and hit the brakes.

Care was hanging out the moonroof taking a picture. Hilarity ensues. I let the chic go.

My point: People are rude EVERYWHERE… But sometimes, I think we just HAVE TO let things go, for our own sanity…

22 03 2010

i have serious battles with “stabby” reactions to stupid, rude and oblivious people. i don’t want to just verbally wrangle-tangle. i want to hit them with substantial objects… like cars. this is why i don’t go out unaccompanied during ‘red alert’ days…

22 03 2010

One of the reasons I love the TV show “House” is because House says the things to people that we wish we could say – and he gets away with it.

But in real life, what’s even more annoying than people being rude in public is the fact that when it’s brought to their attention (even nicely), they either deny it or ignore it and nothing in their behavior changes.


22 03 2010
Melissa Murphy

great stories. well not great – it’s just that I can relate. My personal unfavorite is when people must stand like 3 inches behind you while waiting in line at TJ Maxx. Like standing closer to the counter gets you through checkout faster. Every time you make the slightest movement they seem to take a giant step forward.

Sometimes I make a point of drifting backward just to mess them up!

23 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

bevchen: Right? Oh, gee, you were waiting to get up to the counter too? Gee, didn’t see you there. This constitutes free use of the 2×4.

Stacy: Ah ha, you pulled a Steve. Thing is, you know they’re just going to go and do it again because they must be soooo important… WTF? We’re all waiting to leave. That is why I do not drive to Sabres games.

daisyfae: We need to get a lawyer to see if “but they invaded my personal space” is a reasonable defense as to why you bashed someone over the head with a tray.

Jill: House is intimidating. Anyone else would get punched. Hard. In the mouth. And those people we correct do the mom-made-me-apologize-“I’m Sorry”, and you totally know they’re not.

Melissa: I’ve actually told people, “Push harder, maybe we’ll get there sooner.” This is met with more pushing. I like that you “stumble” backwards 🙂

28 03 2010

Floating eyeballs??? Good grief were you at a Vietnamese Noodle Soup Stall.

Rude people who are in the wrong really irk me but most of the time I try to bite my tongue & be nice. Sometimes though you just can’t no matter how hard you try because some people just deserve to be spat at, figuratively speaking that is…

1 04 2010

Unfortunately there’s only one scenario I can picture with a polite society:

Everyone is allowed to carry concealed weapons. Only a complete moron would still be rude to strangers.

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