Drat. Missing Sunglasses.

11 03 2010

Hey ya’ll!
‘member those wonderful prescription sunglasses I finally sold my kidney to buy?
Well, I had them on the last Saturday in February at The Powder Keg Festival.
I wore them Sunday afternoon.
I know I had them in my jacket pocket on that Monday because I pawed them and thought, “Cripes Stephanie! This is NO place for an expensive pair of sunglasses!”

And that’s the last I remember of them.

There’s only a certain number of places they could have gone.
I checked the path I walk.
Called the Train Depot.
Checked my camera bag.
Checked the frame case.
YOT’s pockets.
Steve’s pockets.
Various bags/purses.

Where the hell could they be?
Perhaps I should “ask” around the house… perhaps I’ll find my missing earrings too.



10 responses

11 03 2010

I frequently find mine on my head.
My sunglasses are usually in my coat, but sometimes in the car.
You might try the bathroom, or the hall tree, or anyplace where light meets dark.

Good luck.

11 03 2010

I hear if you pray to St. Anthony (Patron Saint of Missing things etc.) you might have some success πŸ™‚ I can’t remember the little saying perhaps you can google it…

11 03 2010

I hear you can pray to St. Anthony (patron saint of lost items) you might have some success πŸ™‚ you can probably google the little saying that goes with St. Anthony.

12 03 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

Mine disappeared at LegoLand. Considering it costs like $40 to park and $60 to get in to that place, they can keep ’em.

12 03 2010

I got my fingers crossed that you will find them! Have a good weekend filled with penguin pants πŸ™‚

13 03 2010
Maggie Mae

Odd’s are they will be in the last place you look;-)

14 03 2010

Maybe in the fridge, I have subconciously put things there before. The TV guide went missing once & I had put it in the fridge

14 03 2010

I thought the St. Anthony thing was a joke comment. I Googled him & he really is the Patron Saint of Lost Things….
Can you believe that, a dead man can help you find something you lost??? Strange indeed…

14 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Yesterday I lost my camera battery charger (battery’s been drained for 2 weeks, thus the lack of photos, despite my lillies and tulips stemming).
It took 2 hours of deep thought to figure out where I last used the charge- knowing there’s only so many places it could have gone.
Come one sunglasses, you have to be close!!!

17 03 2010

St. Anthony – try it.

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