The Rushers (not college related)

9 03 2010

What is it with some people? (in other news, my “complaint department” category is getting quite a few clicks lately)

* Rushing to get on the train; as in, other people are fairly clearly standing around waiting for riders to disembark before getting on the train and you cut in front of them
* Standing in front of a called elevator/lift doors so as soon as it arrives, you can get in, despite there being people who would need to get out
* Huffing while in line/queue
* Being one of the first people on an airplane, regardless of boarding order
* Physically being able to take the stairs to the second floor, yet waiting impatiently for the elevator/lift to take you to the second floor, which, funny enough, takes MORE TIME than just walking
* Making sure you’re the first person queued up for the door to exist any vessel
* Way more then “around 15” items in the “Around 15 Items” line. Note: 6 cups of yogurt do not count as one item
* Stomping on the gas/tailgating to avoid missing a red light
* Weaving in and out of traffic. I like this one when they don’t get any further ahead or they get stuck at the same light as the people they were passing.
* Standing in front of any door/hallway where other people may need to get by (at the PowerKeg Festival, I shouted at a group of 20-somethings, “You ARE so important that you get to stand RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALKWAY! You’re AWESOME!”, to which Steve quickly ushered me away from the situation.)
* Driving in the merge lane until the last possible second then aggressively swerving into traffic

Do tell, what kind of doesn’t-matter-in-the-end rushing do you see… But don’t knock anyone out of the way…



7 responses

9 03 2010

Sounds like you need a spray bottle for your purse, and a paint ball gun for your car. Vote with projectiles!

Hey, that should be a day, don’t you think? If it were a day, then you could be out driving and it would go something like this.

“Why did you shoot my car with your paintball gun?”

“Because it’s International Vote with Projectiles Day, and I’m nominating YOU for the shittiest driver award. Enjoy!”

There should be a whole list of awards. Shittiest Driver, of course, would go to the person with the most paint ball hits. I’m not sure if that’s fair though… You could drive really shitty and avoid the paint balls.

9 03 2010

I was inspired enough that I created a post on it:


9 03 2010

I want signs to hold up in my car that say Jackass Award for when people take left turns across your lane when you are clearly in the left turning lane…and so many more…other than that I always let the impotent people go first to get them out of my way. spelling error on purpose 🙂

9 03 2010

hot date? invariably get stuck behind some prius-driving eco-weenie taking the scenic route and slowing down to admire every tree, bird, blade of grass, etc… but when i’m going to work? slow lane, baby. all the way…

11 03 2010

First, I know how you feel about the all the weaving into and out of traffic. They drive like they are james bond or something and it gets them nowhere. Also, I’m guilty of the yogurt thing oopsi daisy! Don’t hate me 🙂

14 03 2010

I can really relate to Huffing while in line/queue. I have to go to the bank for work banking deposits each day while I am out doing my deliveries. I am usually rushing to get all my deliveries done & the bank queue can take up to 20 minutes sometimes to get served. It annoys me that they don’t recognise my urgency & call me to the front of the line. That would seem reasonable to me….

20 03 2010

Ahh, I can so relate to the train one. I commute to work and every day there’s at least one idiot who either a) feels the need to push in front of me to get on the train first or b) gets out then stopr directly in front of the door so nobdy else can get off. Aarggh!

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