Wordless Wednesday

3 03 2010

(from Sunday)




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3 03 2010

Love the wintry tree and I love the wintry penguins… Glad to see they are not out unsupervised!

3 03 2010

uuuuummm love the pics…love the pants more…..I’m placing an order for me so we can be twins!!!!

3 03 2010

All I can say is BRRRRRR!!!!

3 03 2010

were your penguins frozen 🙂 Love the snow laden trees.

we had a hint and a whisper of snow but alas a no show (or a no snow)

3 03 2010

There’s penguins! Jammies?

3 03 2010
Cynical Scribble

It’s cold and you went outside in PJ’s, penguin ones at that? You’re braver than me!

3 03 2010

Cute pajamas! (and sooo much better than jammie jeans!)

Love the splash of yellow in the first pic. Snow is so beautiful.

3 03 2010

Love, love, LOVE the penguins!!!! I also loved Sunday. It was the first day I didn’t have to shovel since last Thursday 🙂

4 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Daffy: I too love the penguin pants… only seemed fitting

sammy25: They came from Penny’s… around christmas . sorry 😦

Tony: Actually, it was rather nice out. +3C or so, didn’t freeze my fingertips off.

Connie: Knew I had to get out there, it was “warm” and the snow was already falling off the branches.

daisyfae: Yup… and the shirts got 3 ‘guins on them “Just Chillin'”. Bonus: extra comfy.

Cynical Scribble: I’m from Buffalo, that ain’t nuttin’!

dishy: Hm, see, I didn’t like the yella at first (too “urban”), but now that I look at it again….

Jill: Thank ya! Yeah, Sunday’s snow was weird.

5 03 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

“Oh, it’s beginning to look a lot like next Christmas …”

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