Argh, and other sounds of frusteration

27 02 2010

Steve’s at work this morning (stupid 6 week rotation) so I was looking forward to hogging the bed.
Bailey, however, had other ideas and decided that 630am is TOTALLY the best time to chase Kali up and down the stairs.
And once I’m up, I’m up, so I’ve been up for three hours.

Anyway, I saw this as an opportunity to work on one of the gazillion projects I’ve had festering: Photos from Europe, printed on 8×10, framed and artfully hung in the blank staircase.
Figuring that 8×10 is larger than say, 4×6, I uploaded photos and went to place my order.
Photo-processing-for-pick-up, much like Bailey, had other ideas and decided to CROP my photos rather than adjust them to make them fit in a 8×10.
It’s not for lack of resolution, believe you me…
So, after going through photos, picking out twelve I liked, uploaded, cropping and preparing to order, there’s an hour of my life I won’t get back.

This, after yesterday, when a co-worker gave me a PDF that he wanted 25 pages extracted from (no big) and footers altered (yeah, I can do that).
Except the document was password protected.
No page removal. No copy/paste. No export.
So I printed it, made a new PDF.
And then the “fix” (make a white box over the unwanted data) wasn’t working, except for when I cursed and threatened to throw my PC out of a 5th story window.

My new project is retyping sewer specifications.
It takes 4+ pages to say, “We’re not paying you for more work then we’ve agreed upon, unless we agree… return shit to the way it looked before you dug it up….Install at your own risk…etc.”

This week’s been rough.




7 responses

27 02 2010

You poor thing. I am sending cyber hugs. Poop blows.


27 02 2010

you have ‘cat – dog’ hijinx! that’s a good thing! granted, anything that happens at 0630 is not generally a good thing…. here’s to a better week!

28 02 2010
S. Le

I love the title of this post.

I’m pondering the phrase from thedailydish, “poop blows.” Not liking the images it conjures up.

1 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

dishy: Poop does indeed blow. Thanks for the hugs

daisyfae: NOTHING should happen at 0630 on a Saturday, let alone the whole on-the-bed-off-the-bed-down-the-stairs-up-the-stairs-on-the-bed-off-the-bed-down-the-stairs-up-the-stairs-on-the-bed, ad naseaum

S. Le: making people happy is neat!

3 03 2010

Gives new meaning to “Thar she blows!”

Uuugh. sorry had to.

1 03 2010

PDF – should print to file.
Open the file in a text editor and then copy and paste to whatever word processor you use.

Make sure to unplug your PC before you throw it out your window, especially if the cord is really long and there’s a mud puddle out there.

1 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I will have to try a print-to-file…
There is a solarium three stories down, but my cord isn’t that long…

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