Kick in the Pants?

20 02 2010

Back in the pre-aughts, I dated a Gentleman*, who wasn’t misogynistic, but certainly had critical ideas about women’s places in society.
He was The Boyfriend Who Never Slept With Me, which at the time was end-of-the-world, however in retrospect, it’s one less person to contract HPV from.
To say that TBWNSWM was particular would be the same as saying he was peculiar. He drank more milk then any human being I’ve known since then. His primary source of nutrition came from chicken fingers/nuggets and orange breakfast rolls. He watched movies with reckless abandon. His roommate was hot. While he wouldn’t close the deal with me, he did teach me how to calm the f-down when fooling around and the pleasure of multiples. HI MOM!
Anyway, through the circle of social networking, I found out he got married (more of a “Comment by someone with the last name Reznor? I dated a Reznor! Could it be?” click click click “Spouse: Trent Reznor. I’ll be damned.”), she is, or was, pregnant and they are/had a girl.

Cosmic kick in the pants for being so eccentric around women?
I don’t think eccentric is the correct word here, but I’m running out of synonyms for “weird”.

*Capitalized as the trigger for this post came from listening to the Afghan Whigs CD of the same name…. of which he introduced me to.




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