The Missing Taco Spoon and The Unnecessary Excess

22 01 2010

Raising the chaos level of Casa Mak to unprecedented heights, we have been without our beloved “taco spoon” since fall.
Steve thinks he took it camping (“There are certain things you’re not supposed to take camping for fear of losing them. The Taco Spoon was one of those thing!”, I tell him) and/or it fell behind/into something. Regardless, it’s lost.
“What’s the big deal?”, you ask… Well, a certain engineer seems to think that all other spoons are inferior for taco beef production (and heaven forbid we make chicken) because The Taco Spoon allowed for proper size beef nuggets and seasoning distribution.
So, giving up the ghost that The Taco Spoon will magically reappear in our service utensil drawer (though he’ll check every Taco Tuesday) I have decided to see about procuring a new taco spoon. The thing is, I don’t know where The Original Taco Spoon came from, less to say it came with me when I moved.
Was it something from when mom worked at Lechter’s? Was it part of a set? Was it something that someone left at my old house and we claimed?
The Taco Spoon is hard to define… slots like a slotted spoon, mix between spatula and spoon (not flat, not totally curved) angled at one end…

In my efforts to find at least what The Taco Spoon is properly named, I searched (in addition to my local outlets)…
Besides not finding a replacement taco spoon thingie, I found the following items which I do not understand:

Breading Trays

(I use bowls/plates.)

Salad Dressing Mixer


A Chestnut Knife

(How much do you have to love chestnuts and/or eat chestnuts to warrant a$16 knife? While I understand you don’t want to bend your good knives…)

Personalized Branding Tool

(Is it still mooing/bawking? No? Down the pallet it go- Oh, wait, this is YOUR steak.)

Salad Sissors

(*looks at hands*)

Trash Bowl

(a trash bowl. Come here so I can hit you with it. Do you not have other bowls? What makes  trash bowl different then say, a bowl?)

I guess my main question is: At what point do you decide that you love something enough to have a dedicated tool? I mean, maybe it’s because I got kicked out of culinary school*, but a knife’s a knife. Well, except the serrated ones. And the butcher… and I guess if you’re worried about cross contamination…

What tool(s) do you use the most?
The least?

I use my fancy-ass-knife set ALL THE TIME, while my zester is gathering dust.




22 responses

22 01 2010

OMG – Lechter’s! I used to love that store… I forgot all about it until you mentioned it 🙂

As for dedicated kitchen tools, I don’t have any – but I do covet a frosting knife my Mom has. It was my favorite knife for frosting cakes and cookies with when I was a kid. To this day, I still look through kitchen departments to see if I can find the same kind of knife so I can have one for myself…

22 01 2010

i don’t get it either… but i’ve bought a few ‘novelty culinary’ items, in the hope that the investment could magically transform me into a good cook.

the most: fancy-ass knive set. the least: the stove

23 01 2010

the only sacred thing in my kitchen is the coffee maker..otherwise it’s all fair game in a fight..except knives are off limits..nothing else matters it’s all old and just functions enough to make noodle helper and soup.

the most: coffee maker, coffee cups
the least: everything else

23 01 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

I find that I use my wine opener a lot …

23 01 2010

I used the branding thing on my kids…cheaper than one of those GPS bracelets.

24 01 2010
that girl

Least used: bread box that currently houses a mini food processor and a hand mixer, both of which have probably been used twice

Most used: smoke detector

25 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

you must have posted while I was posting because I just saw that! Smoke detector… love it.

24 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Jill: have you tried looking at JoAnns/AC Moore/Michaels? I think I know the kind of knife you’re talking about… alos, you can run a butter knife under warm water and you should be able to get that satiny finish on your frosting as the warm knife allows the frosting to reconstitute.

Daisyfae: RIGHT? You’d think a nice paring knife would allow you to make those radish flowers instead of hacked-up finger tips.

hisqueen: Ah, the bottle/box/can method. Very tried and true.

Jim: lest we forget the wine and/or bottle opener!

morethananelectrican: Hmmm, okay, so it does serve a dual purpose. Now, the question is, do you put your address on them or another “if found, return to the nearest juvenile detention hall”?

24 01 2010

“If found…feed and water daily…”

24 01 2010

Trust me – I’ve looked *everywhere*!

24 01 2010

So funny – I bought breading trays today. Only because a lot of the time, Hubby makes the chicken cutlets – which always results in egg drippings on my counter. And I needed to buy SOMETHING from my SIL’s party, and I already own the entire pampered chef catalog, so…

My favorite ridiculous tools: Microplane, garlic slicer, “mix and chop”
Biggest waste of money (even if it was free): Mandoline (I just don’t chop that many veggies to make it worthwhile)

24 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I ADORE my mandolin! French fries, onion rings, baked sweet potato chips, stir-fry veggies, cukes slices, that little julianne thing for carrots on salads… om nom nom nom!

24 01 2010
nat @ book, line, and sinker

lol…i LURVE kitchen gadgets and own almost every one of them even though i never cook. i just like to know that they are out there, at the ready, should the time come that i need them. live a little–buy a garbage bowl!

25 01 2010
25 01 2010

uuummm could you possibly post a picture of a toco spoon when you find one because I have no idea what they look like! please thank you have a lovely day!

25 01 2010
mr bill

The tool that we use the most for making dinner, the phone. But honestly my Calphalon skillets from Bed Bath and Beyond. Any engineer will tell you ‘the right tool for the right job’.

25 01 2010
S. Le

The first time I saw a Rachel Rae “trach bowl” in a store, I laughed so loud people stared at me. I can’t believe anybody would buy a special bowl for garbage! Perhaps it’s to impress the bin man.

25 01 2010

Whoa – I think we have a winner!!! I never thought to look online for the coveted spatula 🙂 This is the one!

And it’s even reasonably priced 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

(Now I don’t have to wait to inherit my Mom’s 😛 )

26 01 2010

granite countertops $5,000
stainless steel appliances $10,000
kitchen remodel $50,000
most used gadget…telephone = priceless

I saw this somewhere…we remodeled our kitchen several years ago and it is beautiful and functional etc. with every gadget Pampered Chef or anybody else sells…we eat out ALOT

trash bowl??? Rachel Ray can sell anything.

6 02 2010
fastback ss

I possess the salad scissors. It was a gift. They work “well” for a head of lettuce. It is more challenging than its worth.

8 02 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

A sharp knife will allow one to hack a head of lettuce without worry of oxidation.

21 05 2010
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