Turning Anger into Kindness

21 01 2010

Parking farther away then I care to, in the rain (uphill, both ways), wind and cold, I made my way to the front of the store.
There’s a car parked directly in front of the doors.
“Who the hell does that person think they are?!”, Angry Stephanie wonders.
As I get closer, I see there’s no one in the drivers seat.
“They must be pretty damn important to just leave their car here!”, comments Angry Stephanie. “AND, no [handicapped] parking permit…”

As I round the back of the car, I see a woman, about my age, fighting to get an ottoman-style storage bench from the backseat onto a cart.
“Do you need a hand?”, I asked her, double-taking as my anger turned to apathy.
“No no… I’ve got it.”, She said as the cart was being blown away.
A woman so much like myself.
“Well, I’m going to at least hold the cart her for you… it’d be annoying to get it on the cart only to have it push the cart further away.” And I put a foot on the bottom and held the handle bar.
Grunting, she got the bench from the back seat and situated on the cart.
“And I’ll even get the door for you…”, I said, holding the door from behind.
Another woman joined in, getting the other swinging door and we got the bench into the store.

Afterward, I felt so much more rejuvenated than exhausted.
It’s hard work being angry and I think I want to be done with that.




8 responses

21 01 2010

amazing how our anger can be gone in just a heartbeat..
you’re a good woman..

21 01 2010
S. Le

Good on you then! It does feel good to help although at times those you help aren’t grateful. I suppose that’s their problem though.

21 01 2010

nicely done… emphasis on the ‘nice’

22 01 2010

Tough Cookie…your heart of gold is showing 🙂

p.s. Dishy says I am too a S.L.O.B (LOL)

22 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

my gosh! I totally thought I had you in SLOBS… rectifying in 3…2…1

24 01 2010

Anger is very influential and powerful. But it is wise not to heed it’s call of expression. Next time I am visited with anger, I will remember to replace it with kindness; hard as it may I will try. 🙂

24 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

it’s much easier when you realize that you have no reason to be angry.
(ps, welcome to the fray)

25 01 2010
mr bill

You have reached enlightenment. So much less energy expelled with being “non-angry”. You never really know what all of the circumstances are with any situation. Better to let someone else dent their Karma then to dent your own. Stay happy and enjoy the ride.

Mom and Dad

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