Feed Me Google!

18 01 2010

My love for wordpress runs pretty deep, it’s like vanilla ice cream.
But sometimes, I want/need sprinkles (and NOT jimmies) and that’s where Google RSS feed comes in.
And when I want/need a fresh waffle cone, yeah, that’d be myyahoo.

32 subscriptions on WordPress; pared down from people who went defunct and cushioned up by people I’m constantly meeting.
Another 24 on GoogleReader. Most of those are tumblr because it’s the new crack.
Don’t forget the 16 widgets on the yahoo page. And I counted the three weather areas and two horoscopes (“Today will be a good day Cancer!”) as one each.

The demographic isn’t very, demographic.
Yahoo is mostly food and news (imagine that, right), Google is tumblr, blogspot and blogger sites and well, wordpress is more of the human interest of things.


  • Least Interesting (uh, why don’t I just unsubscribe?): Tragically Hip Tour… it’ some guy who likes The Hip, but basically just posts about his on-line poker club. Yawn.
  • Funniest: right now, I’m all about theoatmeal.com

  • Six GoogleReader links I less-sign-three* and think you should check out:
  1. Comixed.com
  2. foodirl.com Because sometimes the box/bag/photo looks NOTHING like what you get and the taste is nothing like what you would want to eat.
  3. gothsinhotweather.com
  4. actinglikeanimals.com
  5. knowyourmeme.com For when you wonder just WTF a lolcat is. (BTW, that’s on my wordpress feeder and I am anxiously awaiting my KTHNXBAI shirt)
  6. thereifixedit.com

So, dear reader(s), do you RSS? What’s your cross section look like?
How about filling out that bullet thing; on your blog or in the comments? And if you don’t use GoogleReader, insert your RSS of choice. And if you want to make your own catagories, well, at Uncle Ted Says, “It’s a free for all!”

It’s a heart!




10 responses

18 01 2010

i have much crack in my google reader… and now have to add ‘the oatmeal’. you’re the second person to turn me on to that particular drug. great. there’s another hour a day i won’t get back!

19 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oatmeal= awesome.
There are SO MANY great things on that site… dolphin punching, murderous family members, evils of the gym…

18 01 2010

sheesh, i feel like such the interweb neophyte. the only thing i have is my Google Reader (which does have things like ifixedit and awkwardfamilyphotos and wtfpictures). but, i’m off to check out your suggestions (even though, like daisyfae, i’m afeared it’ll eat up even more of my ‘free’ time).

19 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

free time? wazzat?
It’s a vacuum. “I’ll check out this… oh, who’s that? Best add them to the reader, and OH lookie there….”

18 01 2010
S. Le

Oh great! MORE places for me to waste time! lol Thanks for the links! (the one for cookingforassholes didn’t work for me but I looked them up myself.)

18 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

much obliged! cooking for assholes has been corrected!

18 01 2010

LOL, cooking for assholes may actually be part of the answer to my last blog post today! Thanks for posting it – I’ll be checking out the others while I attempt to be productive (and fail miserably at it).

19 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

What the good green acres…

18 01 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

hello stephanie its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm my blog feeds ar a littel bit dog blog hevvy duz that mayk me a speesheezist??? ok bye

19 01 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

hi dennisthevizsla, BaileyBean hear… dares nuttun’ wrong wit doggy feederz! Day mayke you snooper smart! Likes a speesheezist! You be the most speesheezist goggie about!

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