There Would be the Sound Effect of Crumpling, if my life had sound effects…

15 01 2010


This week has been a toll-taker.

Work’s been feast-one-moment-famine-the-next, the executive Admin’s head is spinning from being pulled in 3,000 directions (“As long as he’s being unreasonable, I’m surprised that he hasn’t asked you to change the direction that the earth spins…”, I told her), I’m trying to do my 2010 file preparations (including updating my log of all the town/village governments from last years election) etc etc etc…. I’m totally not complaining, but by the time I’m done here, it’s PJ time.

I’ve been REALLY trying to get to the gym 3-4 times a week. The place is crawling with resolutioners, which means that machines are being used (which is not so bad) and being left gross and sweaty (which is gross). Seriously gross. Three of the treadmills I hopped on had pools of I’m telling myself that the ceiling is leaking in the foot holds.
Sorry, but I’m not going to wait around to use a machine I don’t really want to use when I could go home and play Wii/interact with FitTv or just come back later.

HOWEVER, I DID finally finish our photobooks from our European vacation and they’re on order with Clark labs.

AND, I found out, for sure, that I am going to The Big Apple next month for my first semi-gig in Marketing.
This found me checking for a suit (I have one.) and finding one for $30 and somehow having a $15 credit on my account.
A $150 suit cost fifteen bucks.

Meanwhile, my goals for this evening are less lofty: gym (if not crammed) and dinner with Steve. And maybe some, well… you know.

Sorry things aren’t more exciting, but I didn’t want to deal with a barage of  “WHERE ARE YOU?!!” posts.




4 responses

15 01 2010

It is interesting to read your take on life. Life has a lot of different ways we can look at it, huh? mI like to try to keep a positive edge, so when things get more “negative,” I can handle them a bit better. I love that you get to go to NYC! I was born there! I go back, when I can! Hope you have a fun weekend! See ya around! 🙂

16 01 2010
Dennis the Vizsla

Where have you been?!?!? Just kidding. is the bomb, we go there before Amazon these days.

16 01 2010

very cool the Big Apple trip will work.

i blushingly admit that i’m one of those people who pool sweat working out on the machines. HOWEVER, comma, i DO clean up after i’m done (the gym provides paper towels and spray disinfectant…and agree it’s very gross when someone before me doesn’t clean up. ewww.

16 01 2010

i have ‘gym frustrations’ as well. but i also have a nordictrak elliptical downstairs – in front of a large tv. why i don’t use it more? mysterious… good luck! cool find with the suit, that’s for sure! may try the big O instead of shopping in stores. hate shopping for clothes…

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