In the Running for “Longest Lasting Christmas ‘IGOTACHA!’ Occuring on the Same Day” Award

26 12 2009

Around the tree, we open the box from my parents.
Inside is a box wrapped and addressed to me; also Baily and Kitty Toys.
Feeling kind of baffled as M&D said that there were a couple presents, we threw caution to the wind and opened the wrapping.
“Oh, neat, a bagel toaster!”, I say, not thinking much of it.
Continuing through presents, we sip Bailey’s and coffee.

At SMS’, we drink wine and open presents.

Arriving back at Casa Mak, Bailey and I crash on the sofa.

Thinking to myself… depending how the new toaster looks, maybe I’ll donate the other one and keep this one or ask for the receipt.
Hmmm, didn’t they use my toaster when they were up?
Why would they send me a toaster?
Why would they make such a to-do to mail me a toaster when the postage clearly cost more than said toaster.
UNLESS… it’s not a toaster.

So out of the warm cocoon I emerge, a dazed butterfly.
Over the the tree with a pair of scissors, I slice open the box to find more presents.
Clearly, I am blond or the whole concept of addressing a package to someone to only have more packages inside makes the other party blond….

If you care, the presents inside were more radium glass! WEEEE.



7 responses

26 12 2009

you can blame the Baileys. or the color of the follicles… either way, that’s pretty funny!

26 12 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Ah, the old box-inside-a-box-inside-a-box-inside-a-box trick. Works every time!

27 12 2009

just be glad that you figured it out and didn’t relegate the toaster to the shelf in the closet. too fun….

27 12 2009

cordless phone box= STP Gas treatment, oil filter and coupon for my oil change to be done by my brother. Let’s just say it took a few hours, ummm minutes for them to stop laughing at my disappointment over not getting a cordless phone. (this was right after my divorce when I was whining about not having a cordless phone)
glad you caught on to the little joke..better late than never..

28 12 2009

Too funny. Baileys at 10:30 am might be a contributing factor…maybe you hadn’t had enough and needed some more to jump start your brain.

29 12 2009

Good thing you did not return the toaster without looking! Baileys and coffee hmmmmmmmmmm.

30 12 2009
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