22 12 2009

See, I’m all not gloom and bah humbug.

(okay, maybe I am)



4 responses

22 12 2009

Did he just call us HO’s?

22 12 2009
that girl

Love it! Is it possible that I saw their album at Target? I should have bought it.

22 12 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

i can’t see the picture. waaah.

i’ve missed you, pal. sorry to hear about your mehs and hope that you’re feeling better soon. maybe you need to move to europe. connie and i will come visit.

love ya! xoxo

ps. santa’s bringing me a MACRO lens for my camera! wahooo!

23 12 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Snot a photo… ’tis a video!

You mustabeen REALLY god this year.
I got coal.
In 3,000 years, I’ll have a diamond.

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