Game Plan, Game Face

18 12 2009

At this point, I would hire John Williams to orchestrate some kind of pomp and fanfare piece.

Because today is D-day.


Today, after the company luncheon, I will be once again braving…. *dum dum buuuuummmmm* Mega Mall. *cymbal crash*
*Volins, gently crescendo-ing*
The time has come.
Plus, I’ll already be out that way.
And hopefully I can get there early enough to get things done before the crowds rush in.

*trumpets blaring*
I do not have a list, parsay, but that’s how I typically shop.
Candles for SMS, Coffee something or other for SDS…
Best Buy and JC Penny’s rewards certificates have been printed off.

*Timpani roll*
However, I do have my “white elephant” gift purchased.
And I have a direct ship to M&D en route.

However, we are still treeless (rumor has it this will change tomorrow), decoration-free and baking-less.
Maybe I should pick up a gingerbread candle.

And you, dear reader,  how goes your holiday traditions?

Apparently not globe-hopping creates boring dreams.
Last night, I was in a laundromat, trying to find a  machine that would take Euros and dispense quarters so I could dry my comforter and warm a jar of pasta sauce.
Also, I watched my laundry go around.
And there were a disproportionate number of washers to dryers.




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