Thankful +/- 30

27 11 2009

(in no real order)
1a- Steve for putting up with my insanity
1b- My parents for putting up with my insanity
2- My in-laws, who for as much griping as I do about them, they haven’t tried to poison me. Or get Steve to divorce me.
3- My extended family
4- A puppy who loves me
5- Relatively good health
6- The fine people who came up with Zoloft
7- My job
8- YOT
9- Warm puss paws
10- Cheese
11- Beer
12- Bread
13- 5 working senses
14- A wonderful, safe, warm home
15- Steve’s job
16- Friends. Great Friends
17- Being able to laugh at myself.
18- All the experiences I’ve had
19- the gym
20- music
21- books
22- Sharing
23- lolcats
24- memes
25- Doggies who are rescued from the pound
26- Babies who smile/laugh
27- Corn and other assorted veggies
28- Beer
29- a varied taste
30- The freedom to be able to be able to post what I want/America



3 responses

27 11 2009

apparently you were having a beer or two when you wrote this because you included it twice.
you are a better person than me…I’m just not feeling very thankful this year, perhaps I need to look into the Zoloft again.
very nice list especially for including the in-laws

28 11 2009

wow…i’d be hard pressed to list a full 30, even including beer twice [snicker] or not listing out friends one by one. you’ve given me a challenge for the day. and, for that, i am thankful to you (there’s 1 of 30!).

28 11 2009
S. Le

Nice list.

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