Electronic Album Art

25 11 2009

In this age of iPods and whatever, I feel as though the art of Album Art has gone by the wayside.
I was putting some of my CDs on iTunes last night and the case for Violator (Depeche Mode) was HEAVY. BECAUSE OF LINER NOTES.

Some “albums” didn’t have art associated with them (mainly because they came off of very old/pre-piracy CDs) and that grey note box is just, depressing.



By right clicking on the “album” and then picking “get info”, you can choose what to use for the album art.

I spent way too much time last night applying the following:

“90s” album

For "80s"

"reps" (for the gym)

Do tell reader(s), what silly album art do you incorporate?




3 responses

25 11 2009

For obscure local indie bands, I just google their band name and take the first cool looking image I can find.
For Beru’s Nephew, a picture of Luke Skywalker wielding a lightsaber.
For Salmonblaster, nothing cool came up (hard as that is to believe) so I actually manned up and scanned the CD cover.

But in the end, album art sucks at such a small size. Album art should a square foot or more in size. Anything less won’t do.

26 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

get off my lawn.
I have a record player in the basement to listen to Smiths, Doors and Queen on…

Salmonblaster eh? Hum, can think of a few things that come to mind.

28 11 2009

i don’t…yet. now that you’ve given me the instruction manual for doing so, i’m on it! i’m sure there will many and varied covers, from cartoons to naked women.

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