“Yeah, Don’t Think I’ll be Buying Anything Else from You….”

20 11 2009

ShoeGate, Fall/Winter Edition, devolpment:

Employee at .com shoe store: Thanks for calling .com shoe store, how can I help you?

me: Could you clarify your shipping policy?

.com shoe store: Sure (explanation, ver batium from website)

me: Hm. Interesting. Because I ordered a pair of shoes on Monday morning, was told that they shipping Monday evening and you’d think that by Friday, there’d be some tracking available.
.com shoe store: It’s looking like you’ll have your shipment by Tuesday.

me: That’s not 5 business days. Plus, YOUR site says that date, while the shipper has no information.

.com shoe store: Um.

me: So, when does that five days start?

.com shoe store: Uh.

me: Yeah, so see, I didn’t pick the $20 expedited service because 3-5 business days from Monday is Friday. It is Friday and the shipper doesn’t have any tracking information. For the price of the shoes plus the expedited shipping, I could have just gone to my local outlet for the same price.

.com shoe store: Well, it looks like they tacked an extra day on…

me: Which makes six business days from when the order ships, even though this shipper delivers on Saturday. And it’s coming from Kentucky, which isn’t that far away.

.com shoe store: The delivery date is an estimate.

me: Why would you say 3-5 business days if that’s not correct?

.com shoe store: If they don’t show up, we’ll overnight you a replacement.

me: That’s not going to work for me, thus, the original problem. Would you like to pass on to your customer service department that I am VERY disappointed in your shipping standards and will not be purchasing from you again?

.com shoe store, surprised: OH! Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?

me: No. Thanks. I just hope this purchase meets my needs. And that you shouldn’t say 3-5 days when that’s not the case.

.com shoe store: Well, thank you for shopping .com shoe store

me: What?




10 responses

20 11 2009

Maybe they could have cried with you. I guess some kind of coupon or discount on a future purchase would have been nice…maybe a free pair of laces or Odor Eaters?

21 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oh, free laces!
And I want a bow-biter.

20 11 2009

At least you didn’t get transferred to a dead number or put on hold forever.

21 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

And they spoke “american” english…

21 11 2009

You were way too nice.

21 11 2009

Keep in mind, I’m CANADIAN, and I think you were too nice.

21 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

maybe it was part of that high pressure front that came down from Canada this week…
My foreign policy adviser has told me not to mention that my foreign policy includes seeing Canada from my office.

Plus, being a complete bitch to the customer service rep wasn’t going to deliver my shoes any faster.

21 11 2009
It’s over… They’ve Surrendered. ShoeGate Fall/Winter is done. « please, stop bouncing

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21 11 2009

i read in the paper that there was a severe time warp affecting the country. seconds seemed like minutes, hours like days, days like weeks. i’m guessing that’s what happened here.

21 11 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

3-5 days is more of a “guideline” than a “rule” …

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