The Important Thing is That I’m not Broken. I think.

11 11 2009
Section 106, Row 1, Seat 4

What’s that?
You didn’t have me pegged as a Metallica fan? I get that a lot.

Anyway, Steve’s cousin won a grand (but not The) prize from the local “rock” station and karma made sweet love to Steve and I.
The important part is, we were FRONT ROW FOR METALLICA.
You’re either jealous or “What’s a Metallica? Is that off-Broadway?”

"You get put in the box for two minutes to think."

"You get put in the box for two minutes to think."

Yup, that would be the lock on the box at the hockey arena… we were where players hang out.

Blue Line

Blue Line

Damn near center ice.
After running around Casa Mak, trying to get dog poo out of the carpet before the limo came to get us left me forgetting to pick up the PnS. So Cameraphone had to suffice.



We lost a fair amount of arm hair, being so close to pyrotechnics and all.

Everyone get together for a group shot.

awesome awesome awesome

It’d been 15 years since I last saw Metallica and I totally forgot how great of a show they put on.

So, after the last song, Kirk (the long haired guitar guy) is throwing handfuls of picks into the crowd. And well folks, that smelled like competition.
One comes hurtling towards me and lands at my feet.
I turn, crouch and someone else sees the same pic and pretty much bum rushes me into the armrest.
However, I was the victor and our gracious host now plays home to the pick.
Today the injury is slightly worse than it was when I was drunk excited and there’s a fantastic bruise line that runs from the middle of my elbow to the middle of my tricep.
Thank heaven for ice packs.
And Metallica.



22 responses

11 11 2009

metallica is STILL touring? are they like 100 years old? lol. they were pretty huge when i was in high school–jock rock, i believe we called it.

husban-dito disdains them. he prefers megadeath (?!?), the misfits, and other loud, screamy, or otherwise frightening noise.

i’m so glad you had fun–concerts ARE fun–and that steve’s cousin was so lucky!

12 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

They’re in their late 40s… which I can only hope to rock out like that when I’m that old.
However, I prefer Early Metallica to Metallica of late… ‘bito may be interested to know that Lamb of God opened (but I didn’t care for them).

Dave Mustane’s ego scares me…. plus, you know he was in Metallica for the first album or two before the other guys realized he was a prick.

L-O-V-E concerts.

12 11 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I went to see The Outfield in college and thought they were too loud, so this would probably have made my head explode! 😉

12 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

There would have been mucho explosiono.

12 11 2009

I have seen Metallica! I have, years ago my brother had tickets and his mate couldn’t go so he took his little sister! (Amazingly!) I think my ears bled! You look as if you had a wonderful tiome in your drunken, *coughs* erm excited state!
Tickets you win make the night all the better!

12 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

My love for you grows more and more.

12 11 2009

wow… that’s pretty up close and personal! cool… love the way the fans (ie: men in black t-shirts who refuse to move from their stationary standing ‘i’m too cool to tap my toe’ positions) watch metal bands…

12 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

It was weird that whenever a pit would start on the floor, security would be all over the place and break it up.
What are they supposed to do?

12 11 2009
S. Le

When a teenager, my oldest son and his friend had cranked up Metallica on the stereo thinking they would shock me. I said, “I grew up listening to Metallica. This is MY music. I love it!” They were annoyed and dismayed. I just laughed in their faces.

12 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Mu hahahahha…. that’s awesome… that will go in the “pro” column.

12 11 2009

I really haven’t seen a better Mega-band show than Metallica…and I have made that show four times. It has been a while, but those shows were amazing.

13 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I’ve been to a zillion concerts and Metallica never disappoints.
Almost as if it’s not just a concert, but an wholly entertaining event by a group who still love what they do.

12 11 2009

my guys love metallica and thought they were the coolest new band…till I pulled out the old CD’s from before they were born…And when they told me about Weird Al Yankovic..I couldn’t stop laughing at them.

13 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Now, that’s funny!

12 11 2009

Those are guys are gonna be touring until they die.

13 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Which is fine by me… I will see them in the wheelchair section.

12 11 2009
that girl

Metallica! That is sooo awesome. I love going to concerts. They are so much fun! I was just at a (non-Metallica) show on Tuesday in the second row. It was the best!

Folks in my neck of the woods love Metallica b’c our football team comes out of the tunnel to Enter Sandman. Check this out. You might like it:

13 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

You pretty much have to be in a coma (or a hardcore Celine Dion fan) to not get pumped up by that.
I do believe that was another singeing song.
Who did you go see?

13 11 2009

It seems as if we both enjoyed mucial memories this week!!!! Twins 🙂 So Metallica…is that off broadway 😉 LOL I’m glad the show was amazing!!!!!

13 11 2009

that is very cool. lucky girl. memories of quiet Sunday mornings listening to the dulcet tones of Metallica… ahhh…

now. tell me. what do i need to do to have karma make sweet, sweet love to me?

14 11 2009

What’s a Metallica???
Only joking, you musta had an awesome night

15 11 2009
Teena in Toronto

Rock on 🙂

Happy blogoversary!

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