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4 11 2009

While at the optician’s office yesterday (and that’s an EYE doctor for all of you on BumpWatch 09-10) there were two girls waiting for their  mom.
I say “girls” because the older one MAY have been 13 and the younger was between 9 and 11. What? I’m bad at guessing these things.
So, OlderSister was wearing mid-calf Uggs, leggings, a short demin skirt, ribbed long sleeve, puffy vest and a Burberry scarf. Did I mention she was like, 13? Yeah. Okay.
And YoungerSister was in skinny jeans, a sweater and blue patent loafers.
When did I get so old?!
O.S. askes Y.S. who she is going to dress up as for her party. “Because Nevaeh is going as Paris Hilton and Cole and Clayton are going as-”
And at that point, I stopped listening and starting wondering what their parents did for a living.
(Note, the eye doctor is in my building, which is downtown, kinda slumming it. Especially if you’re from Clarence/East Amherst. Momma must have known someone.)
For the record, I have ordered perscription sunglasses for the trip.

My tint is darker, but nice, right!

You did know I have bifocals right?
Yeah, someones genes thought it’d be funny to give my right eye a tendency to turn inwards when things are close.
The good news is that the new glasses/frames are covered but the doc doesn’t really want to give me a script for contacts WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL TO MY SOCIAL LIFE.
(you know you want to)

And in what is only a poor coordination on my sinus’ part… my fall allergies are acting up.
I have a dry (non-prodcutive) cough and a stuffy/runny nose. My voice is on it’s way out.
And my co-workers are looking at me like I have some kind of F.l.U. which may be making it’s rounds. Thus, I have to remind everyone who walks by when I cough that I am not spiking a fever, I have no aches (outside of the residul gym), my insides are where they should be… AND this happens EVERY YEAR.



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4 11 2009

You know, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop you if, when you do decide to spawn, you try to give your kid a trendy name.
And don’t feel bad about not being able to estimate ages, especially for girls. It’s impossible to tell anymore.

4 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Please do…
Not that he’d let me get away with it, but some of the names nowadays…
Someone mentioned they had a [younger] cousin named “Paige” and I guessed she was between 7 and 9…. because NO ONE OLDER has that name.
I fear for a future president named Parker, Gavin, Phineas, Aalyiah, Catelynn, Leigh, Leeah, Stone, Chance…

4 11 2009

My issue with this whole thing is that parents allow their kids to dress this way… it’s insane. Also, the whole 9 year olds with LV bags – COME ON.

4 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

What does a 9 YO have to put in a LV bag? A barbie?
Wait, if she has a LV, she probably puts her Pre and Chanel compact in there.

4 11 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I had prescription sunglasses. I lost them at Legoland. It was very sad.

5 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I’m fully prepared to sit on/lose/smoosh/crush/misplace my new shades.

4 11 2009

I love my glasses.. they are the transition ones and I tend to forget about them until someone looks at me funny. I keep pointing out baby clothes that our child will not be allowed to wear. I also can’t stand the silly names and inappropriate clothes. However, with hubby being from Syria our child will have an Arabic name so for the US it will be a bit odd.
What about the young men with beards that are still in high school? I was shocked the first time I saw that.

4 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Baby heels? Really? Who decides on these things?!
Some of the things they have out now for little girls is just, appalling.

And Arabic names aren’t all that foreign, unless you’re going with something that reflects recent events; Saadam, Osama, Omarosa…

4 11 2009

I was just, five minutes ago, informed that one of my coworkers provided his six year old with a pay as you go cell phone.
1. Who does your six year old need to call, really?
2. Don’t say it is for emergency purposes. What, your kid is going to be stranded alone somewhere? I mean, where do you send your child where they are not being monitored by a responsible adult? Is she going to clubs? Do you send her to Wegman’s with a grocery list?

4 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Our parents used to send us to the corner store with notes for smokes when we were young…

4 11 2009

I need new glasses… I wear them all the time and I am so old fashioned! I need to get some really ‘in’ ones!
I’m so lucky with my daughter, she has never been one for make up and latest fashions. She’s got a liking for fancy (expensive) trainers… (pumps? I never know what you guys call them… sports shoes…) anyway… I’m rambling. I see some youngsters who go to school with Andrea and I swear they could be going to a nightclub!
I wished you hadn’t stopped listening though… I was enjoying the story and keen to find out what they going to do!

5 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Are “trendy” names not popular on your side?
There’s this thing over here where people have to name their kids weird names and/or spell them odd and it’s mainly people in the very-well-to-do suburbs. Just, I dunno, I can’t imagine screeching, “CLLLLLAAAYYYY! You get in the house THIS MINUTE!” and not have them laugh at me.

Oh, and trainers are “sneakers” (though I’ve taken to calling them trainers). “pumps” are high heels/dress work shoes. Your “jumpers” are our sweaters and our jumpers are overalls/bibs.
Ack, can’t we all just get along?!

4 11 2009
S. Le

I also have bifocals. Meh…

My personal mantra is, “People are stupid” and that applies to those parents.

5 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I just want to ask them WHY?!?!

Also, pretty sure her kids were poking fun at my FABULOUS new boots (microfiber, wear-3-ways).


4 11 2009
that girl

For some reason when I started reading comments, I thought of underwear. I’m about to sound like a total weirdo, but walk by the kids’ section in a department store. It’s so very wrong. They have fancy underpants that are silky and shiny, and they look like something meant for a grown woman. It’s gross.

Whatever happened to Day of the Week underwear?

OK. I’m done.

5 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

And why are training bras padded?
I thought tissue sticking out of your first v-neck was a right of passage.

4 11 2009

Baby Watch 2010–I like it–has a nice ring to it!

I’m immune to the spoiling of our youth. My students tool around in lexuses, range rovers, and bee-mers that are replaced every 2 or 3 years because “uch…we get tired of the same car!”. Some slum it in acuras or infinities, though.

Aside from being really spoiled, they actually are good, sweet, and have decent moral compasses!

4 11 2009

House says you will change your mind about HIS babies..

5 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

We can have cottages!

6 11 2009

How about a beautiful 2 story gambrel barn? You could have a c-section. Good drugs. Wouldn’t hurt too much. Pretty please? I’ll play grandma and you could go back to work right away. I’ll fill him up w/ lots of good stuff. Play tag every day. I’d be the best barn grammie ever.

8 11 2009

I am a bifocal wearer too. What the heck is an LV bag???? I am always amazed at the way some parents let their pre-teen year olds dress like hookers. What the hell is wrong with them???

8 11 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

LV= Luis Vitton = $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Everyone has permission to smack me upside the head if the eventual leaves the house looking like a slut.

9 11 2009

Aha I was trying to figure out what LV stood for, like Library Videos or something. At schools here the kids have Library bags to put their library books in, thought it may have been one to put your videos in. How dumb am I????

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