29 10 2009

It’s not something I hide… my lack of conventional religion.
However, being the curious creature that I am, I often find myself listening to Catholic Radio when there’s nothing musically intriguing on the dial.
Often, these sessions leave me with more questions than answers and I find myself wondering why I listen… I hardly agree with what is being said, thinking that what I call chance some call Divine Intervention.
I guess it’s more of a trying-to-see-it-from-the-other-side. What is it that makes religions so rampant?
Perhaps it’s part of me thinking/wondering if I’m missing something in my life (Nat, so help me if you say “babies!”). Am I shorting myself because I don’t get faith and all things church/mosque/temple related? Why is this not a big deal to me?

Not that I’m looking for answers to questions, but what do you find yourself doing that you don’t know why you do it?




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29 10 2009
S. Le

Such philosophical questions! I don’t know what I would do without my belief in God. I fear I would be lost.

29 10 2009

I think there is a huge difference between organized religion and being a spiritual person…many find comfort in one religion…some in a variety of religions…some in nature…the ways of the universe are vast and each must find their own way to “spirit” I have to agree (for myself) with S. Le…I would be lost without my belief in God… and a life beyond the one here and now! Everyone is on their own Journey…All the best to you on yours.

29 10 2009

for me – one who acknowledges that i don’t find all the answers in spirituality – there’s a curiousity about those that seem to have peace and confidence and all that…. for me, it’s not so much searching to find what they have, but trying to understand it, and why it works…

29 10 2009

Searching?!?! don’t get me started….searching has lead me to try to have a baby with my hubby even though I’m 38 pushing 39. All these years I thought I was done, then on vacation we came to the startling conclusion that we want to have a baby..go figure.
Otherwise I search all day in this dinky little town I live in. I want more but can’t seem to place my finger on what it is. So search it is…
As for religion..I was raised Lutheran and married a Muslim. I enjoy my conversations with hubby regarding the religious differences and look forward to the enlightenment that comes with each conversation. I greatly dispise the gungho religious types who try to push their beliefs on others and look down at those who don’t feel the same as they do. I have two of them in my family and let me tell you it makes for a strained relationship.
sorry it was so long..

29 10 2009

I don’t want to get deep into religous philosophy here, but, in m opinion, religious organizations are the cause of a lot of this strife and confusion people have…that is about as far as I will go….to avoid the wrath of the Internetz!

29 10 2009

Maybe you listen to things you disagree with to strengthen what you DO believe.

29 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I was hoping that saying what has been rolling around in my head would help make sense of it…
Maybe it’s that I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not entirely wrong (nor am I entirely right)… or that I’m trying to find my way… or that I’m looking for answers in all the right/wrong places…

29 10 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

babies! babies! babies!


ps. working on SLOBs Halloween party 2009…can’t chat! stop by tomorrow…

30 10 2009

Do what I do. Just pray. Even if you feel silly – God will listen. And you will be amazed. Best o luck Bouncy — life is a adventure. Glad you’re my friend.

1 11 2009

I agree with Morethananelectrician. There’s a big difference between organised religion with all their pomp & caremony & hypocrisy & maddling in political affairs etc & the Christanity that Jesus taught

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