The Great Pumpkin Sacrifice of 2009

29 10 2009


Are there weird pumpkin pricing protocols in your area?
There are two farmer’s markets (quite literally, a market on a farm) right near my house.
One markets sells pumpkins based on size, starting at$6-ish. The other market sells by the pound.
You know where I went.
Those butes above set me back $4.75. The pumpkins we purchased last weekend (for decoration) cost $11 and there’s only 3 of them.

I digress.
Seeing as my massage therapist had to testify, she couldn’t come over so I decided to murder some pumpkins.
(also, there’s two cameos in the reflection, Beans and me)


(obligatory Bailey/Pumpkin photo)

(this would be Kali cutting in front of the camera)

Right, so, back to pumpkins.
By now, we’re well acquainted my my sheer lack of artistic talent (see “animal crackers” and “gingerbread bears“)… So before taking a knife to the pumpkins…


It was rather ironic that I used a grape scented marker to pattern my pumpkins…

And so the supervision began:
IMG_2009 IMG_2012

Once Bailey approved my cleaning, the fun really began.

Holy crap, could it be?
Did I actually carve halfway what I wanted to?!?
Less the skull & crossbones looking a bit cartoonish…




20 responses

29 10 2009
nat @book, line, and sinker

you KILLED THEM!!!!!!!!!! (in the immortal words of Linus!)

love those pumpkins…we don’t carve anymore. too messy for me. 🙂


30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

BUT what about the pumpkin seeds?!?! The roasting?! The nomming?

30 10 2009

Honey… I have people for stuff like that!!! Hahaha. Now, send me some seeds…

30 10 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

That’s a better job than I’ve ever done!

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

awww, you’re making me blush…

30 10 2009

those are really cool! love the skull… and the obligatory Bailey pics!

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Thanks… I felt the skull came out a bit “Futurama”-ish, but I’m glad I’m the harshest critic

30 10 2009

FABULOUS!! Girl, you can come carve my pumpkins anytime.

Wait.. that didn’t sound too good.

PS: House wanted me to tell you he says Hi! (He’s hiding right now, blushing..)

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Hey now Dishy, I’m not all Jeffery Dahlmer…

I coyly look over my shoulder and slowly blink at your house. Then I quickly turn away…

30 10 2009

@Nat – I bet you by those fake carve-able pumpkins from the craft store, don’t you?? SOmebody’s buying them.

30 10 2009

guilty as charged. you know me too well. no mess, no candles that could start a FIRE, no icky, rotting mess on my porch in mid-november.

30 10 2009

All perfect under the watchful guiding eye of Bailey..Did she get some nomnoms for her diligent supervision?
Very cute pumpkins.

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

She did get noms!
Actually, she’s got her tongue in the pumpkin, so I’m sure there’ll be a post regarding dog spit as a preservative.
Plus, she ate some of the roasted seeds that fell on the floor.

30 10 2009
S. Le

Brilliant! They turned out well. I’ve also seen pumpkins priced both ways. I’ve not done pumpkins for a long time but Cute Daughter and her chums did:

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

very nice!
Love all the different expressions!

30 10 2009

Love the pumpkins! Your Sweet Bailey must come and teach Duncan some manners 🙂 or better he could visit you guys for a very long time…I have posted his antics.

30 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

ooohhhh, another puppa!!!
our training reviews are better than Michael Vick’s.

30 10 2009
Maggie Mae

Martha Stewart with a switchblade.
Good job! Happy Halloween. 🙂

2 11 2009

Considering the artistic standard of the animal crackers & the gingerbread bear, you did pretty good with the pumpkins. Maybe you shoulda done some more gingerbread zombie freak bears to scare the daylights outta any kids who knocked on your door.
My wife Michelle has the same kinda artistic skills

2 11 2009

I forgot to mention that Bailey seems to have the same supervisory skills as Dixie. I can’t do anything without her close scrutinising eye of perfection supervising my every move. I was in the vegetable garden doing stuff most of the weekend, she barely left my side. I get the feeling she doesn’t trust me to do a good enough job on my own.

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