What You Need to Hear

23 10 2009

PITA*, trying to be all small-talk: Hey.
me, typing a report: Hey.
PITA: How’s that [spec] book [that I gave you four days ago and is 200+ pages without any real information available] coming along?
me, typing: It’s coming along.
PITA: Yeah?
me, slightly annoyed: Yup.
PITA: Okay, I’ll come back in a little while then.
me: No. I’ll come to you when it’s preliminarily done.
PITA, shocked: Well. Okay then.

Yes, You.

Yes, You.

What is it with people not realizing that the more they bother the minions, the less miniony work gets done?!

*Pain In The Ass…




5 responses

23 10 2009

HAH! That photo is priceless.

PS: Way to stick up for yerself !! Well done.

23 10 2009
S. Le

I actually like interrupting my supervisor whilst she is concentrating on her work. Then the power is mine! The trouble is, I may get her job and then the minions will interrupt ME! What have I done?!?

23 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

All I know is that it’s a good thing there isn’t a frying pan around… clocked on the head is no way to get a lump.

23 10 2009

You’re having a conversation with a flat bread????

25 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

That explains a lot… really.

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