Pumpkin Pasta

9 10 2009

In Typical Stephanie Fashion, I thought I read about pumpkin pasta in one of my zillion cookbooks.
So, I procured a “sweet pumpkin” (not called so because it’s AWESOME, but because it’s not a jack-o-lantern pumpkin) A.K.A, a pie pumpkin.
And there it sat on my counter until I remembered I could use the internets to find pumpkin pasta recipes…

After roasting it (cut in half, score both sides, spray with oil, place fleshy side on a cookie sheet with some water, 350 until mushy) and scooping it, I realized I should probably photograph the adventure.


it's hyper orange and I don't know why... perhaps the radiation?

So we start with a photo of the inside of my trash can. Classy San Diego.
Anyway, once cooled, I scooped out the pumpkin innards.


Have a mentioned yet that I LOVE my circa 1980s Bisquick vessel? Because I do.

Once I got the pumpkin pureed, the directions said that I would need “a lot of elbow grease”.
I laughed.


Pfffttssss, elbow grease? Hell no, I has a KitchenAid.

Have I mentioned that I’ve never made pasta before? Yeah, that’s gonna be important.


So, apparently, there are more types of flour than whole wheat and all-purpose.
In the regular baking aisle, there was semolina flour, but it was $5 for a little bag and I have NO idea what else it’s used for.
Thus, I went to the organic section and found this perfect sized bag for $3.
Granted, the cost per pound was more, but this stuff is going to go stale before I use it again.


Flour, flour and salt…. ends up that I picked a vegan recipe because it had the least amount of stuff I didn’t already own.


And with two cups o’pumpkin, I was ready to go.
Also, I heart Pyrex.


While the glop was mixing for five minutes, it gave me time to figure out how to use my pasta maker.


Did I mention I have a pasta maker?
Did I mention that I’ve never made pasta?
Did I mention I purchased this in the spring?
And that it was in fact, a dollar?


Oh, or that I can’t read Italian?
Or that the photos weren’t helpful?


Thus, my pasta looked like the above.
It’s okay to shriek in terror. “Charlotte” did the same thing when she came over.
Thank goodness she’s Italian-ish and knew what she was doing.

Because this is what the pasta looked like afterwards.
Much less like retard at day camp.

Anyway, it’s not poison… but, it’s not fantastic either… a bit doughy.
At least Sweet Pumpkins are out still.

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5 responses

10 10 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

We’re Italian and many is the time we would go to our Nana and Papa’s house and find a huge rack set up on their table with freshly-made pasta drying on it. Ah, good times. But none of my relatives makes pasta from scratch anymore, as far as I know — they just buy it packaged, either dry or fresh. So much easier.

We have a pasta machine too and have yet to use it.

12 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

After that fiasco, including a flour coated kitchen, the box stuff seems like such a good idea.

11 10 2009

this looks like great fun…if you have all the kitchen gadgets to make it (which i don’t, being the bachelor-buy-it-premade-at-K-rogers kind of guy). from all the prep, i was waiting to hear it tasted spectacular. [sigh] better luck next time. but, i’d eat it (see prior about “bachelor…”).

12 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Careful what you wish for.

12 10 2009

LMAO!!! Sorry…this is just too funny!

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