Things I Have Learned in the Past 48 Hours

8 10 2009

1)Some people are naturally talented at putting together outfits that work.
1a) I am not one of those people.
1b) “Charlotte” is. We went shopping Tuesday night and while I picked out a plain gray sweater, we agreed on a ruffled (gasp!) plaid (gasp!) tank for underneath,

Kinda Trendy, Right

Kinda Trendy, Right (Clearly not me)

she picked out a necklace that set the whole thing off.

Kinda Like this... ish

Kinda Like this... ish

It was worn yesterday (with standard black pants) and I felt so good, I felt, well, good.

2) When the voice in the back of your head says, “Rethink”, you should.
Opting to hit the snooze bar once more and pluck my eyebrows this morning, left little time to pick out an outfit*. So I chose a bright teal shirt, a tie-died purple/pink/brown scarf and (shock) black pants; “Meh. Not happy, but ‘ever.”  I also opted to just use concealer, seeing as I felt my outfit was “loud”. Little did I know that there’s a big meeting today, including some predominate business people (*cough*formercountyexecutive*cough*) and here I sit, feeling torribly unprofessional.

3) I know NOTHING when it comes to stocks, bonds, annuities, etc. Well, not nothing, I got schooled last night when we met with a financial adviser about RETIREMENT.
“Yup. This is it. We’re officially adults now.”, I said as we clinked MGD64 and Coors Light.

* “Gee Stephanie, why don’t you just pick one out the night before?”. Well, because whatever I put out the night before won’t please me in the morning and I’ll end up with another outfit anyway.




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8 10 2009

I find NY&Co’s clothes to be very hit or miss. Sometimes, love, sometimes, not so much. I feel the same way about the limited.

I’m sure you look fine. We can’t wear a rockstar outfit EVERY DAY!

8 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

but but but, I wanna be a rock star everyday…. Limited’s pants are too low rise for me. So are NYC&CO, but I love their tops.
Not that you’re out this way, but the NYC&CO (which I still call “Lerners”) in the Gonorrhea is much better than McKinley or on-line.

8 10 2009

Ahhh Youth is Wasted on the Young LOL I just wear black or black. with the requisite FABULOUS accessories!

8 10 2009
S. Le

I put my outfits together the night before and sometimes they STILL don’t work! I love mix ‘n match and putting outfits together. I heart the plaid top and jewelry! Fab choices!

8 10 2009

sometime around the age of 40 i kinda stopped buying clothes. that’d be about 7 years ago… i wear them until there are nothing but a few cotton molecules holding them together, then i glue them together to get one more washing out of them…

8 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

as long as you’re not be-dazzeling them back together…

8 10 2009

Black pants are a staple. Never feel bad about black pants.

I have a ritual every morning- put on clothes, look in mirror, take clothes off – repeat. bah!

Hey, would you mind emailing me? melissa.murphy1 @ gmail. com


8 10 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

‘s on it’s way! (from

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