*clunk* *Marrarrooo* *squeak* *clunk*

6 10 2009

Very early this morning, like, midnight, there’s noise coming from the pappasan chair.
*squeak* *Maarrooooo* *squeak* *clunk clunk* *lap* *shake shake* *marrooseeee*
Readers know by now that if you drop a pin the the same zip code as I’m sleeping I will wake up and be up for hours.
And this was after I had been sleeping well.

Elsie is clomping around the room, trying to itch her ear, which makes her shake her head which makes noise and she’d get up on the chair, pant, make the chair squeak…

At 12:10, I called her over to see if scratching her ear would help things out.
Answer: No.

12:15, I’m downstairs with a handful of cotton (from when Bailey used to have chronic ear infections) jamming it into Elsie’s ear (my vet says it’s okay, the eardrum is far inside), giving it a quick swirl and trying not to vomit as it comes out covered in ear wax and blood.
Meanwhile, Bailey’s stomping around asking why we’re not cleaning out her ears.
Then it was cookies for everyone.

Back upstairs, she’s still creaking/clunking/squeaking and at 1am, I go to sleep on the sofa. Bailey came down with me for a few hours. So that was nice.
Then, all of a sudden:




2 responses

6 10 2009
S. Le

Poor doggy! Poor you!

7 10 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Staying up late’s not as much fun as it used to be, is it?

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