Joys of Marriage: Episode #956

2 10 2009

Via text

me: What the hell happened to you last night?
him: Why?
me: Um, the whole loud sheet-stealing 2am thing…
him: Do not remember.
me: you don’t remember? Holy shit, you ripped all the blankets off the bed, started belching and you ran into the TV.
him: Nice. I remember the belching and TV thing. I do not remember the blanket thing.
me: nice for you. the two of you [he and Bailey] were back snoring in no time. I, however, was up for an hour. Oh, and you  kept belching. Often in my direction.
him: I am starving.




2 responses

2 10 2009

so far after 5 yrs all I have to deal with is snoring..both from hubby and dog..But we are lucky enough to have several extra bedrooms for me to get a good nights sleep in.

2 10 2009

How romantic. *sigh* Like two ships crashing in the night.

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