You Ready to Order?

4 09 2009

In an event not seen round these parts in a while, Melissa and I held Catty Thursday.
A new Japanese place opened up and Steve played chauffeur so we could drink in public.

No sooner had his taillights  been over the horizon then we are informed that the new place doesn’t yet have their liquor license.
Panic sets in.
“But, you can go across the street and buy something and bring it back here…”, explained the waitress, who was trying to help while the proprietor was explaining about the mosquito-deterring incense.
(Thanks to Melissa for snapping the photos)

Literally, across the street

Literally, across the street

We’re prancing around like we’ve never been inside a liquor store before.
While The Search for Sake was fruitless, we agreed that we should purchase vodka. Pomegranate Vodka. We could mix it with club soda! 7-up! A splash of cranberry!
Walking to the counter, the clerk looks at us with suspicion.
“You girls over 21?” (Melissa and I are the same age)
We giggle. “How flattering!” I say.
He looks at us as though we have bubonic plague.
“Do you really want to see our IDs?”, Melissa asks.
“Yes I do.”
Melissa and I comment that we NEVER get proofed anymore and we’re delighted that he’s proofing us. Meanwhile, Grumpy Clerk is hemming over our IDs and looking at us; because you know, if we were holding fake IDs, we’d totally say we were 30 instead of 21/22…
Finally, he agrees to sell us the vodka and we’re back across the street.

Not ones to beat around bushes, we just ask for glasses of ice because that vodka is going on the rocks.
Typically, we order the Chef’s Choice Sashimi (10 pieces of whatever Chef wants to make). However, the waitress kept pushing us… “You want raw scallop?”
“No, thanks.”
“Scallop very good today!”
“No, we’ll pass. Thank you.”

We ordered Sashimi* Jalapeno (salmon, tuna and white fin in a spicy sauce with avocado, jalapeno and roe) and Crazy Tuna Roll** (Tuna, wrapped in seaweed, tempura-d, wrapped in rice, roe and avocado on top)


OM NOM NOM: Crazy Tuna

The incense guy came up to check on us a number of times.

Due to finishing a good third of the bottle, and it being a school night and all, we got an appetizer of  chicken tempura to soak up the liquor.

We got a dessert on the house.
I thought she said, “Bread Pudding”.
Melissa heard, “Fried Banana.”
She was right.
Claiming that it didn’t really taste like a banana, I took a small piece from the corner.
My reaction sent Melissa into hysterics.
Okay, I’m good for another couple of years on the banana front.

Steve arrives to pick us up and sits with us.
Incense Guy comes back out.
“Oh Hey! That all you drink!?”
Melissa points out, “We’re drinking it straight!”
“Oh. Yeah. That right. So we party tonight? (*we look confused*) After  10, when all people leave, we PARTY! We hang out! We have live scallop! Live Lobster! We drink! You stay? Party with us?”***
She pipes up, “Aw, thanks, but we have to work tomorrow.”
“Awwwwww, you no party?”
“No. Thank you.”
“Awwwww. Okay, you have good night then.”

See, sometimes truth is stranger than ficiton.

*Just raw fish, nothing else
** Sushi: raw fish wrapped in something, rolled in something else…
*** By this point, I was super glad I wasn’t driving because I totally forgot this until Melissa commented on it this morning.




8 responses

4 09 2009

OK that’s it – you like WAY too much of the same stuff that I like – we need to hang out!

4 09 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Hang out, drink vodka and eat raw fish.

4 09 2009

loved this story. next time please go on the weekend so you can party with them and write about that!

it’ll be like research.

4 09 2009

My favorite Japanese restaurant just closed for good. My husband and I have been going there for at least 13 years…
It is VERY hard to find a good sushi place in SC!
Loved this story…you, as always, entertain!
reminds me of the Korean restaurant we went to one night…very bizarre!

5 09 2009

I especially love it when the cashier is visibly upset that he can’t bust you for being underage. Once a certain bitch of a bartender actually said to me, “Well, I guess you’re BARELY old enough” with a look of disgust.

5 09 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Everybody wants to party with Stephanie! Except for the cranky cashier.

6 09 2009

Sushi…don’t care for it..but hubby loves it. I go along with the flow just to make him happy. If I had my choice I would choose Olive Garden any day.

Cashier was just jealous that you got to drink and he had to work.

8 09 2009
S. Le


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