Scene around town

20 08 2009

I made a company sponsored run to the Post Office (sorry, Tony, no Margarets). The Post Office isn’t very far from the office; we’re talking about a mile round-trip.
And oh, what a trip it was..

Scene 1)
Guy and girl walking together. He’s wearing one of those baby-backpack things.

Good for catching crumbs

Good for catching crumbs

She’s got an ID bracelet on.
He says, ever so causally, “I told them I wasn’t on coke anymore.”

Scene 2)
I’m behind someone who isn’t walking very fast, so I pass her.
She’s on my right, a tree is on the left.
A squirrel runs down the side of the tree.
I cross the street.
I am about 100 yards away.

Scene 3)
There’s one person in front of me at the post office.
She hands off her letter and the employee takes it in the back.
I figure he was hand delivering it, because 3-4 minutes later, he returned.

Scene 4)
Random noises from the holding center.

Scene 5)
While trying to cross a traffic circle, I am cut off by a woman in a sports car who must have heard that stop signs with while borders are optional.
She then stops in the intersection because traffic in front of her has stopped.
And then she looks annoyed at me for walking around her car.




5 responses

20 08 2009

When giving people directions on how to get from my workplace to City Hall I try to steer them straight down Eagle and then right so they can avoid crossing Delaware at the circle, unless they like living dangerously 🙂

20 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

This is in Buffalo, right? Every time we walked around Buffalo we always saw and heard the weirdest stuff …

21 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Must be all those ions from the lake/river.

21 08 2009

Margaret or no Margaret there’s just no such thing as a normal trip to the post office. You proved it

21 08 2009
nat @ book, line, and sinker

stop signs with white borders are SToptionals. don’t you know?!?!?!

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