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14 08 2009

(Once again, That Girl provides blogger fodder.)

Good Night

Good Night

While I know I dream in color, most of the time it’s a sepia wash (like it’s always dusk or dawn).

In DreamLife, it’s the same place that almost all my dreams take place in; an entire city. I have a knowledge of where things are, where to go to get other places, structures denoting what area I’m in, how far it is to the waterfront, how many train stops it’ll take to get the the restaurant that I always want to take people to but has the wackiest hours thus no one believe that they have the best grouper. (note: have I ever even had grouper?)

It’s documented that I read in my dreams as well.

Sometimes, I don’t remember my dreams, but something during the next day sets off a trigger.

Often, my dreams are so vivid I can’t recall if something happened in real life or while I was dreaming.

RealLife often seeps into DreamLife. For example, when I worked for companies that sucked out my will to live, I would dream of vampires. And just this week, I dreamed that Annoyance was a closetalker because he was a zombie. When he opened his mouth to talk, it was a black chasm.

I keep a blank book and pen next to the bed, so when I have nightmares (often preventing me from getting a “good” sleep for days) I can write down what happened. Lately, I’ve taken to drawing maps/scenes/buildings.

back off sucka

back off sucka

Part of me thinks I’ve always had disturbing/vivid dreams and that’s why I don’t sleep very well.
However, the B-12 therapy has helped signficantly. Sure, I still don’t sleep well and I have borderline insane dreams, but it’s markedly better. Just wish someone would have noticed that before hand… on the plus side, is calms that voice in my head that’s been suggesting MS for years.

* Recurring Theme Dreams: Being unable to get where I need to go. Like the train is late, the door is closed, there’s traffic, blockages, places moving (this always happens in “The Mall”, I will have to get to Penny’s and it’s at the other end of the mall from where it was last time), staircases disappearing…

* Nightmarish Recurring Dream: Being chased and being unable to find my way out. Lately though, I’ve been dreaming that my teeth are loose and falling out.

* Recurring Character: Thugs. Just thugs in general, people making easy tasks difficult.

* Geeky Dream: I was Big Alice [in Wonderland] in a little bathroom.

* Non-sensical Dream: Emperior penguins nibbling at my fingers. Tin foil is the only thing that keeps them away.

* Disappointing Dream: Thinking I’m awake and making coffee and showering, only to realize I’ve slept through the alarm.
When I was a tween, I used to wake up in the middle of the night thinking it was time to wake up so I’d be in the shower at 3am.

* Naked Exam Day Dream: Often find myself topless at inappropitate times. But no one, including me, seems to care/notice that I’m not wearing a shirt.

I swear that someday my “Book of Death” (as Steve calls it… frightens him) will make me millions of dollars because truth is stranger than fiction.



13 responses

14 08 2009
that girl

I’m glad you took the cue and wrote about your dreams, too. Oh so funny!

The teeth dream is always terrible and overly realistic. It freaks me out! The penguins and tin foil is HILARIOUS!

14 08 2009

Well as we have discussed before I am a big “nightmare person” as well my stress dreams as I like to call them. I was just thinking about this the other day and I am so glad you posted about dreams. I have a recurring theme dream. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I don’t ever get to finish/ or nothing is ever as it seems dream. When I was dating my husband and I was unsure of our relationship I dreamt many many times that it was all fake, that he was really married or dating someone else. I had forgotten about that dream until just last week. Before I got pregnant I dreamt that I would go nine months being pregnant but nothing would happen I wouldn’t get any bigger or really go into labor, but just be sitting there on the labor and delivery table . I would always wake up before what I thought should be the end of the dream so I never really gave birth.
After the miscarriage I thought it was a sign and I should read into it. Until I had a dream the other night almost the same as when my husband and I were dating. I realize then that it’s a recurring theme and perhaps I just don’t trust myself that I deserve the things I have and even the things I want?
Wow that was long sorry.

15 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Argh! the pregnancy dreams! I forgot about those! whenever I’m knocked up in my dreams, I’m 7.5 months but not showing and no one believes me.
I’m finding that when i write down my disturbing dreams, they tend to go away. Then you can go back and look at them to try and figure out where the “feed” comes from.

15 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Is there anything tin foil CAN’T do?

I used to dream about my teeth falling out, too. I hate that dream. Fortunately I haven’t had it in a while.

15 08 2009

Tin foil has been in many of my dreams too! No penguins though! Damn it!
I have really strange dreams and I can only remember the tiniest bits of it. I wrack my brain trying to peice it all together. I did once dream that I lived in a cave and the windows were too hgh to see out of… I know, who knew caves had windows!

15 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

out of my head… “Why would a cave have windows?”

15 08 2009
Male VIP

OMG… THE PINGUINS!!!! they would bite off across my fingers and in the morning I would ACHE where the bites had been!!! And YES the foil did work for me too. THIS IS TOO STRANGE!!! The teeth thing… are you in my head? Genetics? Nature VS Nuture? Or is this really normal and we can relax and enjoy the ride? Thank you, please add 14 more sessions.

Your loving and confused Father

17 08 2009
S. Le

I used to have a recurring nightmare I was in a car which drove off the side of a bridge and plunged into the water below. *shudder*

I don’t usually remember my dreams. I must have a clear conscience. Either that or a poor memory.

18 08 2009

I wake up soooo tired some mornings due to a very active “night life” My dreams are such an odd combination of characters etc. I am afraid to analyze what they may actually mean LOL!!!

18 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

ohhh, see, yet another reason the cosmos brought us together…

20 08 2009

I have the teeth falling out dream too. They are always so loose they just come out ot the slightest touch. It’s like having a mouth full of popcorn & yiou open your mouth & it juast all falls out.
I have a recurring dream that I am at a shopping mall & all of a sudden my clothes are gone & I’m running around naked & can’t find my waty home. Had that one last night.
Snake dreams, being chased by snakes & there just keeps getting more & more of them & I can’t make my legs move fast enough

20 08 2009

Actually it’s way not waty, can’t find my way home

20 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

here I thought it was a Tasmanian thing…

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