Adventures in Marriage: Episode 82

11 08 2009

In light of the recent deluge of rain in the area (just waiting for the frogs and locust), he’s decided that we’ve “dodged enough bullets” and with a recent endowment from the “Here’s a Check for Completing Your Masters!” from the in-laws, we end up at Lowes.

Of course, I don’t understand any of the jargon on the generator boxes (except the price tag part), so I take to looking at All The Neat Things You Can Do When You Buy Your Generator!
me: Hm. According to this photo, I can make and bake entire trays of chocolate chip cookies. Because, you know, that’s what I REALLY worry about when the power goes out.
him: Maybe you should worry about stuff like that.
me: I only wish I could solve of our problems by baking.

him: Yeah. Hmm. Gee, I don’t know which ones of these to buy.
me: Just ask yourself, “What would Steve do?”
him: I know! I’m trying!
me: You are? Because I’m thinking, if I was shopping alone and picked out a generator, which one would elicit an “AWESOME” or an “Oh.”
him: Yeah…
me: Seriously, you’re still thinking about this? Get the better one.

me: AND we can totally bring this camping so we can make coffee*!
him: Do you have any idea how loud this thing is?
me: No. But we’ll have coffee
him: (imitates a generator)
me: But. Coffee.
him: ba-rum-rum-rum-rum-rum.
him: We’ll wake up the entire campground.
me: But I’ll have coffee… are we even debating this?

* Last year, we brought a power converter with us. The Plan was to plug the coffee pot into the converter and then Stephanie and Melissa wouldn’t skin the other campers from caffeine withdraw. Ends up that a coffee pot takes too much power and shorts out.




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11 08 2009

recent episode in my marriage…

picture this. we are packed up to leave the camp ground after 4 days of RAIN. the husband goes to turn the key in the ignition and gets NOTHING. why, because he drained the battery by charging his blackberry, listening to the radio and leaving the doors open at the same time. some boy scout.

on the other hand we were caffeinated. at camp all you need is one of these and a coleman stove:

(actually thats all we use at home, too)

12 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

hmmm, never considered a stovetop perc… usually we end up with icky instant coffee…

12 08 2009
S. Le

No coffee?!? That’s just too primative!

12 08 2009
S. Le

Instant coffee shouldn’t even have the word “coffee” in it’s name. Should be “crap tasting instant brown nasty stuff.” Too long a name?

12 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

As Ani DiFranco sang, “The coffee was just water colored brown…”

12 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Wait … so, you’re saying that they don’t have Starbucks way out in the woods?

12 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I know, we totally rough it.

13 08 2009

Rain… yuk!
*coughs nervously* I love cheap old coffee… We have one which I won’t name for fear of backlash but my dad says it’s made from the sweepings up, from the coffee factory floor. I love it. Weak and cheap! What does that say about me! Hope you are ok Bouncy!

13 08 2009

that is why I camp in an RV if I camp at all LOL! I know the purists will say that is not camping 🙂 I paid my dues at Girl Scout camp and Lord knows how many others in honest to goodness tents etc.

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