Titles and Monikers, Oh My!

4 08 2009

(I may be sorry about the double posting, but mostly likely I am not.)

After seating a client in the conference room and providing him a glass of water, I hear this: “… have your girl out there make a copy of this…”

What am I? 12?

omg ponies and stickers and myspace!

omg ponies and stickers and myspace!

But then I thought about it… what WOULD I want to be referred to as?
“”… have your receptionist out there make a copy of this…” (Accurate)
“… have your lady out there make a copy of this…” (Too old)
“… have your admin out there make a copy of this…” (More Accurate)

Maybe “girl” is only okay amongst other people of the same age… kind of like The N Word… you can’t use it unless you’re part of the demographic.

So, reader(s) when you refer to someone, what moniker/title do you use?
What do you dislike being referred to as?
What do you prefer to be referred to as?




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4 08 2009

hmmm…maybe it’s because i’m iconically WASP male-type, but i don’t find any ‘generic’ title to be that bad. no, i don’t want to be called “that butthead” or “that asswipe” or the like, but ‘guy’ and ‘what’s-his-face’ and ‘worker bee’ just don’t bother me much. i KNOW what i am and what my role is in the organization, as do my co-workers. don’t need accurate representation by a stranger who wouldn’t know. but, you’ve made me think (damn your eyes!), so i’m going to drink a beer tonight and ponder on this…

5 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Yeah, see, guys can call other guys “guy” and girls can call other girls “girl”, but I feel like if a guy calls me a girl….

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was trying to use the incident as an exercise in “What the hell are you so worked up about?”.

4 08 2009

I HATE when people refer to me as GIRL in the office. I especially hate it when business owners refer to “their girls”, who are invariably 60+ year old women. ug.

I DO NOT care when I’m at the store or a restaurant or someplace other than work and am referred to as a girl.

Why? It’s demeaning at work. At work people have titles and more importantly names and magically, office walls are not soundproof. Out in the world, people don’t know my name or my title and it’s not important. At the grocery store, I am fine being the girl in isle 9 looking for some obscure ingredient.

5 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Ahhhhh, there may be the rub…
person who doesn’t know you from a hole in the ground = girl
Business associate who should know better= Admin

At least he didn’t call me Hooters McBoobie.

5 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

There are some who call me … “Tim” …? *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*

5 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

well, perhaps you can help me find… a… well, um…a…

5 08 2009

Melissa is right. It’s all about respect – and the lack there of.


5 08 2009

In the Navy it was common for officers to refer to us low-life sailors as “Son” I hated it & thought it was really demeaning, I wasn’t their damn son & we had to refer to them as Sir or by their rank. Many officers obviously felt it beneath them to show respect to those of a lower rank.

5 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

MeToo used to call me “Kid”….
Forgot about that. There’s another session of therapy.

5 08 2009
S. Le

Girl sounds so demeaning! Like you’re a slave or something! I also hate “gal”! That’s the worst for me. I worked somewhere where the manager called me his “Gal Friday.” I wanted to slug him.

6 08 2009

I’m not sure I even want to get started on this one LOL! I live in the heart of the good ole boy network…plus work with my husband…I am ok with him calling me girl at home but NEVER at work!!!

ANother post for another day…why do people think it is okay to take potshots at receptionists? That is a very important job!!! Certain people have treated me very “casually” when I answered the phone only to eat crow when they realize I also make company decisions, policies and handle the money!

6 08 2009

lol, GIRL.

at school, the kids mostly call me Warden or Mrs. M. one day, after a particularly nasty crackdown of rule enforcement, one student sent out a text blast to the other kids and they ALL wore STRIPED shirts to school the next day. it was HILARIOUS and even i had laugh at the ‘prison’ joke.

the support staff calls me Princess, my coworkers call me Nat. Mwa hahahaa. i call the office staff “My Peeps” or “My Minions”. hahahha.

29 08 2009
Tulip's Mom

In a meeting of Navy admirals, I am told that I was referred to as “What’s-her-name, that short blonde.” I guess I should be glad they remembered me at all — they ended up nominating me for a fairly significant honor.

30 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

oh, I totally forgot about my days as “Blondie”… because you know, our names were too hard to remember.

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