Please. Don’t. Not the Lunges! NOT THE LUNGES!!!

29 07 2009

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve gotten back into better habits such as: limiting the pasta intake, using the steamer, thinking about what goes in my pie hole, drinking much more water, going to the gym, playing Wii Fit…

While highly illogical, I always envision that I would work out at night and in the morning be so magically slim that I can’t wear pants to work because they’re too baggy.
See, here’s the thing too, I have a reverse body-image-problem… when I think of myself, I see me as Christmas 2007 Stephanie (when I felt like I looked decent) but when I see photos, I’m Photo-of-Which-We-Do-Not-Speak-of 2000 Stephanie.
We do not talk about the photo as I look like the seams of my clothes are going to pop open at any moment; I was in denial that I had to buy larger sized clothes.  I should have been buying size 12 or 14 and I was smooshing into an 8. So when I dropped down to an 8, I wrote on the back of the photo “Never Again” I put it on my mirror as a reminder.
Hell lot of good that did. Not that I’m a 12/14 today, in fact, these pants didn’t require wiggling to don, I’m just not close to Christmas 2007.

I know there’s a happy smaller Stephanie hidden in there, she’s probably hiding behind the ice cream… so, knowing I need help, I called… a personal trainer. Plus, how am I planning on hauling all of my stuff around Europe if I can’t do 10 push-ups?

Lament is due to set in around 2 hours as we go through the rigorous embarrassment of pinching my sides to get a BMI, taking the tape around the parts of my body I hate even thinking about and probably passing out on the treadmill.

It’s the right thing to do, I am disappointed that I let “Never Again” come back.

So, around 615pm EST, think of me if your quads start to hurt, for the trainer is probably making me do lunges AND I HATE LUNGES.




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29 07 2009

Congrats on hiring a trainer — you already know my thoughts on this 🙂

There are photos of me, circa, well – until approximately 2002, where I am a toothpick. It’s unfortunate looking back that I wasn’t even happy then. “Then” was approximately 15 lbs ago. And I just lost 5 (so for those math impaired, “then” was (GASP!) TWENTY POUNDS ago as recently as 30 days ago).

My point: Pictures are evil. And you did not let “Never Again” happen.

Also? Lunges are my least favorite exercise. I would rather do 500 squats in a row, than do 50 lunges. However – they really work.

29 07 2009

Just don’t panic about this. Thinigs don’t happen overnight. Small life changes do the trick…set goals you can handle in ways you want to handle them. Find something other than lunges…we can put people on the moon, there are ways to do this without lunges.

29 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Ballroom dancing is good exercise. And more fun than lunges. Just sayin’. 😉

30 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well, yesterday ended up being the sales pitch, which I then had to pitch to Steve…
So afterward, I went for a run/walk/jog/bike ride and my butt still hurts, so, that’s, good?


30 07 2009
S. Le

Lunges aren’t really good for your knees. At least that’s the excuse I use!

31 07 2009

Ha! I know all about ‘Never Again’ returning. When I became the thin me I wanted to be, I got a belly ring as pledge to myself that I would keep the healthy lifestyle and body I so delighted in. After a lifetime of being plump.

Last year I had to remove the belly ring for an op, and now I need to go to professionals to have it re-pierced, but I CAN’T! Because ‘Never Again’ crept up on me as my healthy lifestyle crept out the fridge door … and I’m not baring this belly to anybody soon, I can tell you that!


Time for a change!

31 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I got my ring at 18… and despite all the ups and downs (har!) I’ve kept it in… if for nothing else then it took FOREVER to heal.
Well, I guess once I get knocked up I’ll take it out.
Plus, it reminds me of when I had more holes in my head than, well, now.

31 07 2009

They hurt my knees. When I first read the title I thought it was lungs. Thought you were gunna give us a really gross recipe. Imagine eating cow or sheep or pig lungs….

31 07 2009

Imagine being a male guest for dinner at a friends house & after the meal saying to the lady of the house who cooked the meal “Hey nice lungs”
Maybe that’s not that funny, perhaps it’s just me….

1 08 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

What an awkward dinner party THAT would be!

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