Match Game

27 07 2009

I have a super fun game to play with you!
First, I will post two conversations and two groups of people. Then, you guess which people had which conversation.

Group A)
“We have some super exciting news!”
“Yeah? What?”
“Well, I’m NOT pregnant…” *laughter all around* “WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE!!!”
(follow with banter back and forth of who-what-where-when)

Gr0up B)
“Though you’d like to know, we booked our tickets for Europe.”
“And which country are you making me a grandbaby in?”

People 1) Steve’s Parents
People 2) My Parents

I do totally wish I was making this up.
Well, not the Europe part because that’s REAL.




16 responses

27 07 2009

This is not difficult at all! Clearly, conversation A is YOUR parents; conversation B is HIS. Although, in my family, it would be the opposite…

P.S. – SOOO jealous. Which countries are you going to?

PPS – I LOVE your tag for this one 🙂

27 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Well, we haven’t quite decided on the schedule yet, but we’re flying into Amsterdam and later from London to Dublin.
That’s about as far as we’ve gotten.
Paris in in there somewhere and he’d like to go to Venice.

Glad you like the tags… few things spoil the mood like knowing that your family is praying to the sperm-n-egg gods.

27 07 2009
that girl

How exciting! I hope you have a great time, no matter what baby-makin’ countries you go to. 🙂

27 07 2009
S. Le

So cool. If you go to Italy you should go to Assisi. Beautiful! You will love Ireland as well.

I want to go to Scotland.

27 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

We were considering Scotland, but it’s too far north (given our time-table)… just like Rome is too far south…
I CAN NOT believe we’re going 🙂

27 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

You should tell them, “Luxembourg. While we’re flying over it in the plane.” That should quiet them down for a little while …

27 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, sweet sweet Dennis/James, how I wish that were true (the quieting part).

27 07 2009

“Yay!” for europe! “Boo” for insensitive stalker-grandparent anticipatory grandparent commentary…. just don’t get a “ceiling cat”-like visual of them watching or it’ll be REALLY hard. oh, crap. did i just create that visual?

27 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Oh, please, that vision starts up as soon as we start kissing…

27 07 2009

You will have a fabulous time and take loads of pics…when are you going??? Paris is the city of love…LOL

27 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

My reply was “Well, if it’s named ‘Marco’ or ‘Mary’ it’s Italy, ‘Gustad’ or ‘Gretel’ it’s Germany…”

27 07 2009

Parenting FAIL.

Anyway, congrats and enjoy the trip!

28 07 2009

Wow – you’re making me jealous and I live here. I can’t wait for the first big jaunt to Paris or Belgium (Bruge, is it?? omg) or Italy – must be fun for you to plan, like, 16 of those jaunts to be done in a short time. How long are you over here?
His parents sound lovely, by the way. Have they already bought tiny outfits?

28 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

lol (re: sounding lovely)

We’re looking at just about 2 weeks to be on foreign soils… I feel like there’s things I’m going to miss (duh Stephanie) but I’m diving into research mode and plan to get the most out of time… imagine that.

28 07 2009

Have a great time in Europe ! I am not bragging, but I have been to Europe a few different times. I liked Veince and if I had more confidence and less anxiety at the time I would have enjoyed Paris much more, but I was in high school on a field trip and well you know how high school is.

28 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

AGH! High school was an instrument to nurture my neurosis.
He’s been overseas a few times, so he [thinks he] knows where to go. Personally, I find some something exhilarating about being lost someplace and having to find my way out… like that time I got stuck in a paper bag.

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