I’m Not Even Asking for Consistancy Here…

17 07 2009

Living in Buffalo-ish-esque for most of my life, I understand that the lake makes for unpredictable weather.
HOWEVER, in my listening to three [radio] stations this morning I heard three different versions of the weather.

Weather Dude 1)
Rain showers this morning, increasing this afternoon with thunderstorms overnight, diminishing by morning and a chance of showers tomorrow. High tomorrow is 68 degrees.

Weather Dude 2)
A chance of rain today, possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight and it’s looking like there’s a chance of scattered showers again tomorrow, but it shouldn’t be a complete wash-out. Tomorrow’s high, around 70.

Weather Dude 3)
Showers and thunderstorms today, especially this evening and overnight and scattered showers tomorrow. Tomorrow’s highs will be between 65 and 70 degrees.

Then again, these are the same outlets that can’t agree on if/when/where there is traffic.
Also, it could be downpouring and The Weather Channel will say there’s a 50%  chance of rain within the next hour.

So, here’s Stephanie’s Weekend Forecast)
There is a chance of it raining, but there’s also a chance it will not rain. It could be chilly, depending on what you consider seasonable and chilly. The chance of snow is 0%. It may be sunny to partly cloudy, with a few breaks of sun and/or clouds.

Do tell, is your local weather this unpredictable?

(P.S. When I was 13, I wanted to be a meteorologist.)
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5 responses

17 07 2009

We live in the South…land of bizarre weather…if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes it will change. Always layer your clothes and keep an umbrella in the car!

17 07 2009

I don’t even watch the local weatherpersons and have changes of clothes with me everyday…I don’t give them the chance.

19 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Here in San Diego it goes like this:

Monday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Tuesday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Wednesday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Thursday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Friday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Saturday — Sunny, 75 Degrees
Sunday — Sunny, 75 Degrees

Etc … it does get a bit boring. Well okay, not really.

20 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I fart in your general direction.

31 07 2009

It’s pretty predictable here in South Africa, the weather service has improved a lot! Rain is always welcome as far as I am concerned.

With such dry winters as we have in the inland, I am keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of spring – and baby, it’s already started! The first blossoms are peeking out, even though it’s still c-o-l-d.

At least you’re not trapped in Groundhog Day, eh? =)

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