Practice Makes for Less Swearing…(Night Session)

14 07 2009

Hey everybody!
Because I’m pretty sure there’s only so many posts one can do about how much her nose hurts and is swollen and how she’s wearing her contacts because her glasses sit right on the tender spot… here’s some additional new photos.

I’m trying to take a bunch a pictures, hoping that practice makes perfect.
Friday’s session was a night shoot with tripod.

First up, one of the “let’s get those!” flowers.

And playing with the focus a bit.. zoning in on Nifty Newt

And then on Steve’s “Why don’t you ever take pictures of plants I pick out?” Plant.

And a slow-mo/soft-focus on one of the waterfalls (although a bit unfocused, but whatevs)…

Do you find you like to take photos under certian circumstances… or that you’re better in some environments and sucky in others?





10 responses

14 07 2009

I need a better camera… your shots are making me jealous.

15 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

While the new camera is cool, I tend to like my point-n-shoot photos just as much… perhaps because they’re more spontaneous?

14 07 2009

between the two of us and our new canons, the blogging world will hate us. i feel like i’m trapping people into viewing slides of my vacation…and i am!! ahahhaha.

15 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

All about living vicariously!

14 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Ummm, I think I take pretty sucky pictures in general, but fortunately Dennis’s blog doesn’t call for extremely high quality. (And also fortunately, I have my wife around to take pictures for when it does.)

I do seem to shoot decent video though. 😉

15 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Yeah, your/dennis’ videos do come out pretty good. Shall I presume that the Mizzus takes most of the photos where she is not the subject?

15 07 2009

Bouncy & CWG…I LOVE, LOVE looking at photos! Yeah, I pretty much hate both of you 🙂 I do like my little point and shoot Canon Powershot! I have a mid sized camera that I don’t use often and have been toying with the idea of a Canon with ALL the bells and whistles…I just take a gazillion pics and hope something turns out beautiful. I suck at taking pictures of people.
Love the newt!

15 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Aw Connie, you’re making me blush! The mister got me the bells and whistles camera and frankly, I’m a bit intimidated by it…

16 07 2009

Beautiful photos, I especially like the 1st one of the flower, simply gorgeous, no wait it is just nice, simply gorgeous makes me sound gay but I’m not

17 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. (P.S. *blush* thanks)

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