Storage Capacity?! ppffftt

10 07 2009

Here are some shot I’ve uploaded to be processed (eventually… half way there…)

Hey, so is it easier if I describe photos above or below?
I’ll post explanations above said photos this time and you let me know how you like it.

Here we have a shot from the 4th.
I do not quite understand why I like this photo, but I totally do.
Seriously, everything is out of focus! (note: I did start reading the manual and I now know how to correct this minor issue. Hooray!)

And while not pretty, this shows the insane training that the B has…
She doesn’t have a perimeter collar on (Aunt Elsie needs that on all the time) and her ball rolled out into the street.

Go gets naw?

"Go gets naw?"

Okay, and so, thought the reading of the manual, I NOW know how to make this photo crisper, though it’s not bad for something really heavy and not setting up and excuses excuses excuses.

Japanse Garden at the Buffalo Historical Society

Japanse Garden at the Buffalo Historical Society

Oh, and here’s The Demise of the BiValve

The Demise of the BiValve

The Demise of the BiValve

And the thunderous clouds rolling over the Lake/River on my b-day

Right, so, those are the gems thus far…
Hopefully with some more practice and manual reading, my photos will look as good blown up as they do on the display.
(note to self: not the same)
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12 responses

10 07 2009

I vote for “above”. Good pictures! I find my manual rarely answers the questions I really need to know – they’re much too positive.

10 07 2009

above. i know why you like the first pic – smiling bailey! yay!

10 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

thanks! and yeah, it must be the focus on the Bean… Ham that she is… after her mudder…

11 07 2009

is that hot sauce I see by the poor poor clams/oysters..
.I think long as I know where you’re putting the comments I just don’t care.
Love well trained B. she is adorable.
I just got a new sony and am still figuring it out also..only have 1 week to get it right.don’t want to screw up with it in Syria

14 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

mmmm, Tabasco ….

11 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Manual? What’s a manual?

14 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

It’s some big book thing with diagrams and OH LOOK! SHINEY!!!

13 07 2009

am sending puppy to learn from Bailey! sits well on command and that is about it.

the photos are great…I love peeking (in a good way) at what everyone else sees through their lens 🙂

14 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

But puppy’s got teh qte working for him still… She’s just eager to please…

16 07 2009

I love the clouds photo.
She is a good girl staying off the street

16 07 2009
Dixie the Poodle

Hulo Bailey, yoo ar a very kleva doggy staying off the street becorz if yoo go on the street yoo cood get rund ova by a kar & bekum rowdkill & that wood probly hert a lot

17 07 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

deer dixiethepoodle,



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