The Day Of/After

8 07 2009

As expected, I was pretty much a basketcase yesterday.
After many many many fits of crying* in the airport, I turned away and left my VIPs to fend for themselves in the terminal.
Crying still, I made it to YOT, out of the parking ramp/lot and when I caught a glimpse of myself, teh sads was visible; swollen and splotchy.
Back at work, I was quiet (though I did break out the Rebel on my walk in). After work found me trying to drown my woes in retail (result: meh.).
At home, I had dinner, did two loads of laundry, replaced all bedding, removed beard stubble from the tub, read 3/4 of The Jungle (don’t give it away, Ona just died, which I saw coming a mile away), took a shower and went to bed.

This morning I feel better, but hollow.
A belly full of pills should change that (mind you, they’re B-12, D and Zoloft… cripes, I’m not THAT distressed) and perhaps curtail the dreams of blowing glass vases in a sporting goods store inwhich I am trying to find sneakers for my upcoming trip to Vegas where I am staying in a hotel which has an hourly rate.

I’m pretty sure I broke 1, if not 2, toes playing Bocce Ball. Stephanie=Clumsy. ow ow ow…

* Ah, see, the VIPs and I only see each other every couple of years due to the time/cost of cross-county travel.




4 responses

8 07 2009

(tear)…you remind me that there will be such upcoming pain in our lives.
The Syria trip is just around the corner..he hasn’t seen them in 7 first time and who knows when the next will be. going every year just doesn’t seem possible.I started fearing this pain a few days ago..I just know it’s coming…
Hang in there!!

8 07 2009

Having two dudes in the house I often find myself clearing off beard stubble!
*hugs* Sorry you are sad but I bet you have a load of memories to re-live and plenty of pics.
Oh and ouch for the toes!

8 07 2009

I am sorry that you had to say goodbye. I remember one time my mom putting me on a plane to go to school ( in upstate NY) I was sobbing. I was sobbing so hard actually that I think I scared the man sitting next to me because he told the flight attendent I needed a soda when she got a moment. :o)
Hugs to you and I played bocce ball this weekend also.

9 07 2009

Hope the toes mend soon. Goodbyes are always hard, I hate them too

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